If you’re craving big, bold voluminous hair and don’t have hours to spend styling in the morning, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We teamed up with Giles Robinson, our Global Director of Education, and Bradley Leake, celebrity stylist, to teach you how to get volume in hair overnight.

We’ll show you a few key overnight hairstyles (including how to get beach waves overnight), so you can speed up your morning without sacrificing your style.

“Building volume while you sleep can be a great way to cut down on heat styling and also save tons of time! There are many different techniques that are effective when it comes to creating texture and building volume while you sleep. Braids, buns and even sponge rollers are a great way to add texture to your natural style,” says Bradley.

The key to keeping volume in hair overnight? How you prep your hair pre-sleep. To have a totally clean slate, start by cleansing your hair with Color Security Shampoo. We love Color Security Shampoo because it contains NO silicones, thickening resins, conditioning agents, and pearlizing ingredients found in most shampoos all of which are engineered to stay behind.

All of the ingredients in the Color Security Shampoo formula easily rinse off, leaving hair and scalp fresh, healthy, in optimum condition.

Bradley also recommends applying a styling product such as Color Control Purple Toning + Styling Foam to give the hair memory and control while the style sets overnight. “Just make sure your hair is 70% dry before bed,” says Bradley.


Another key tip? Making sure hair is dry at the root. Bradley recommends using a blow dryer at the root to ensure the base of the hair is dry and lift using your fingers to boost volume. Then it’s time to set your hair. Here are a few techniques to choose from.



The easiest overnight hairstyle for volume is to place your hair in a bun before bed. If you want to learn how to get beach waves overnight, this is your go-to.

Giles says, “Once you’ve added the body into your hair during the prep stage, you just need to twist your hair into a top knot loosely.”

Want a slightly tighter wave? Try this technique from Bradley: Split your hair into two and twist the hair tightly in the same direction, until the hair twists onto itself creating a bun.

“This will create a more defined, tighter wave where a larger bun will create a softer wave,” says Bradley.



When it comes to learning how to add volume to hair overnight, while boosting volume, braids are another great idea. You’ll get killer texture that will last, especially if you have flat, fine hair.

For ease of braiding, run a few pumps of Pop & Lock through the hair before you start. Bradley recommends doing a loose braid, as it gives a more “beauty finish” and helps make the hair appear fuller without the use of heat.



Once you’ve mastered the bun and braids, you can move onto the classic overnight hairstyle technique: rollers. You’ve got a couple of options to try, but Giles recommends Velcro, while Bradley recommends the sponge option.

Simply separate your hair into sections (sizing will depend on the size of your rollers) then start from the ends and roll your hair up and over the barrel towards your scalp. Lock in place and then release in the morning.

Pro tip from Giles: make sure you sleep on a silk pillowcase. Giles says, “It prevents your hair from getting roughed up, and can also help extend your style.”


There you have it! Our favourite overnight hairstyles for beautiful, voluminous hair. Check out the rest of the Color Wow blog for more advice on creating that va-va-volume:

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