Who Is Giles Robinson? Meet Color Wow’s Global Director of Training & Education

An internationally renowned stylist, Giles Robinson is a highly sought after TV personality, educator and social media influencer in the world of hair styling. 

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With his own signature customised work, Giles quickly cultivated an elite clientele of royals, celebrities and diplomats. 

Giles is unmatched in his ability to present complex information in a clear, compelling, and entertaining way. He travels the world educating hairstylists at sold out shows and seminars. His Instagram and TikTok content have received millions of views from stylists and consumers all over the globe. 

Giles's Experience

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Prior to joining Color Wow, Giles began his salon career at the age of 14 and by 16 was travelling the world assisting celebrity hairstylist John Frieda.

After 16 years at the John Frieda salons in London, Giles has been a part of the Color Wow team since inception. He has become an indispensable member of the team, whether working with clients or educating the next generation of stylists. Giles's vast experience and dedication have been instrumental in driving the success of Color Wow.

What are Giles’s Favourite Products?

what are giles's favorite products

Giles's two favourite products are Color Security Shampoo and Dream Coat Supernatural Spray. 

color security shampoo

Why Color Security ShampooGiles explains, “My number one product is the Color Wow Color Security Shampoo. As a professional, this shampoo makes the biggest difference to the way I style. Starting with silky, clean, healthy-looking hair is critical.

If you don’t start with a clean slate, your results will be compromised.  It’s the first product I always recommend to my clients because optimum hair and scalp conditions are so important.”

color wow dream coat

Why Dream Coat? Giles says, “Dream Coat is the greatest innovation in hair care in the last 20 years. To be able to transform any hair type into an incredibly smooth, shiny, glassy mane that lasts is a hairstylist's “dream”. It’s completely lightweight and leaves no residue whatsoever.

Plus, the fact that it keeps your hair from getting frizzy no matter the weather is a game-changer.”


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