If you’re like most of us, you always follow up a hair-washing with your trusty conditioner, knowing it’s the only thing that’ll save your hair from a tangled nest of knots when you go to comb it. PLUS, you want your hair to look healthy and shiny because, after all, a conditioner is supposed to keep your hair in good condition. Well, like we said, all conditioners are not created equal. Here’s what we’ve found out:

1. Conditioners can compromise your colour.
Because the integrity of your hair colour (whether natural or not) is critically important to us, we analyse every ingredient that goes into our formulas from a “how does this impact hair colour” lens. What we found out was that most conditioners are made with nitrogen-based conditioning agents that oxidise in the air. So when you use them, your hair can turn yellow and brassy….or dark and dingy. That’s why we abandoned this traditional approach when we formulated our conditioners. Color Wow Conditioners only use translucent conditioning ingredients that will not oxidise, so the integrity of your colour is never compromised. It stays fresh and vibrant.

2. Conditioners don’t all contain the maximum amount of heat protectants.
There are three types of ingredients that can protect hair from the damaging effect of hot tools:

- Hydrating Agents that grab and hold water to help protect your hair’s core protein

- Emollients (Avocado Oil, Argan oil) that absorb heat, cushioning and blocking direct contact between heat and your hair

- Polymers that repel heat away from hair to minimize damage

Some conditioners contain only one form of heat protectant. Color Wow Color Security Conditioners are formulated with all three.

3. Some conditioners are better at counteracting static, flyaways and puffy results.
Did you know? Your hair has a natural negative electric charge, which is what causes static and flyaways. The more positively charged polymers in the formula the better, because they neutralize these charges so strands don’t repel each other and push apart, like magnets with similar charges. Our conditioners contain 6 positively charged polymers to get rid of that negative energy in your hair, so strands can hang together, smooth and close and tight.

What’s best way to condition your hair with our Color Security formulas? Definitely every time you shampoo. The key with these (and ALL conditioners) is to apply the formula starting about 2 inches from your scalp. The benefits are for your hair strands, so you want to pull the conditioner along the shafts, making sure to coat the driest sections and especially the ends. Leave on a minute (or more) then rinse thoroughly. That’s it! Healthier, hydrated hair….that’s also heat-protected, smooth and anti-static, with clearest vibrant colour.

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