Flexible Hairspray: The Secret to How to Curl Your Hair for Some Big, Bouncy Curls

Can we just say, we do NOT miss the days of stiff, rigid hairsprays. We’re sure you remember them vividly: getting ready for school plays, prom or graduation, not fully knowing how to curl your hair, applying the briefest of spritzes of hairspray only to end up with crunchy, frozen-in-place curls nonetheless… we just mentally shuddered.

We don’t know about you (JK, of course we do, we’re all on the same page), but we MUCH prefer big, bouncy, natural-looking wavy hair.

So what’s the secret to how to curl your hair for incredibly big, bouncy curls that LAST without sacrificing their soft, touchable finish?

According to LA hairstylist Cynthia Dhimdis (@cynthiadhimdishair), it’s Color Wow’s Cult Favorite Firm + Flexible Hairspray. Why? Because the hairspray’s firm but flexible formula allows you to have it both ways: long-lasting style memory that’s also flexible enough to allow your wavy hair to move naturally (aka, BOUNCE).

Unlike typical hairsprays, Cult Favorite’s flexible formula will never stiffen or harden, so you can quite literally spray it on to your heart’s desire without compromising your ability to brush your hair out, reshape as you want, and achieve a bouncy, natural-looking finish.

Not to mention it’s truly color-safe and doesn’t contain any ingredients that’ll yellow, darken, or dull your color. That combined with its UV protection helps keep your color bright and hair glossy.

But we get it – seems kind of unreal that just one hairspray can have it all! Which is why today, Cynthia is going to demonstrate just how big and bouncy your curls can be when you use Cult Favorite Hairspray, along with the best tips for how to curl your hair with a curling iron.


Step 1

Curling in sections, start with the bottom-most layer of your hair, working your way up to your top layer. Spray each layer of hair with Cult Favorite as you go to ensure long-lasting hold and to provide heat protection for your strands.

Step 2

Using a 1-¼ inch curling iron, curl large sections of hair on either side of your head away from your face. Once you finish a curl, scoop it up from the bottom and pin in place to set. “The reason I do this is because it allows the curl to cool in that form. Instead of all falling flat, it just gives it more of a bounce and lift,” Cynthia says.

“It does make a big difference with hold and bounce and just making it more voluminous. So when I’m going for bigger hair, this definitely does help.”

PRO TIP: If you want big, bouncy volume all throughout your hair, start curling closer to your roots. If you prefer big volume in your midlengths and ends, like Cynthia, start curling further down your strands.

Step 3

Repeat Steps 1 + 2 on the rest of your hair. Once you get to your face-framing pieces, start your curl at eye level to open up your face and create a sexy flare. Pin up to cool.


Step 4

Spray Cult Favorite hairspray throughout hair and let set for 5-10 minutes. The longer your hair sets, the longer your curls will last. “If your hair doesn’t hold a curl, go do your makeup, go do other things, then you can pull them out at the very end,” Cynthia says.


Step 5

Once curls are cool, release from clips. Shake out your curls and fluff up using your hands or by gently brushing your curls out.

Flip hair upside down, spray with more Cult Favorite, fluff some more, then flip back over to reveal even bigger, bouncier, more voluminous curls.

PRO TIP If your hair falls easily, don’t shake it out after removing the clips. Let the curls remain tight, allowing your hair to fall slowly and naturally on its own.


There you have it! Mastering how to get big, bouncy curls is straightforward with the right technique. Follow Cynthia’s guide for beautiful, voluminous curls - and check out the Color Wow Blog for more hair styling inspo:

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