How to Make Waves Last Longer

When it comes to the weekend, we love a lowkey wavy hairstyle that’ll last us all the way through Sunday. Because let’s be real – who wants to spend their time indoors styling their hair when they can be outside soaking up the sun? But how to make waves last all day? What’s the secret?!

Not all of us were blessed with the kind of strands that can hold a style for days on end. And while the woke-up-like-this look is having a serious moment, not *all* bedhead is good bedhead (can we get an amen?). Yup, for us fine-haired and oily types, we can hardly make it through day one without our hair falling limp, let alone the next day!

Luckily, we’ve got friends like blogger + fashionista Ellenor Kim (@spreadfashion) to teach us how to keep waves in hair – from cocktail hour on Fridays to wind down wine nights on Sundays. Her trick for how to make waves last? Keeping her strands super hydrated and full of flexible, bouncy texture.

Watch along as @spreadfashion shares her secret for keeping her waves stunnin’ all weekend long, then get the breakdown below.


Day 1: Styling Your Waves

Before going in with her flat iron, Ellenor always mists on Style on Steroids Texturizing Spray. This not only ensures a textured, full-bodied finish, but will serve as a heat protectant for your hair. Once done styling, Ellenor adds another misting of Style on Steroids for extra hold and body.

Need inspo on which styling tool to use? Check out our guide to curling hair with different hot tools.

Day 2: Extending Your Wave Style

Upon waking up the next day, Ellenor usually finds bedhead and frizz have gotten the best of her strands. So in order to restore them to their day one glory, she uses the two following tips:

Tip #1: Refresh second (and third!) day waves with a boost of major hydration

“Normally after I comb my hair, I usually get a little bit frizzy at the ends,” Ellenor says, “So I’ve been using [One-Minute Transformation]. Basically, it’s like a little hydrator for your hair. And I just rub it in my fingertips, and I just kinda run through the ends.”

Like we said, not all bedhead is good, and there’s nothing like waking up to find your waves frizzed out overnight – something Ellenor is all too familiar with. Instead of jumping in the shower and starting from scratch, she suggests smoothing One-Minute Transformation Styling Cream on your midlengths and ends for some major hydration.

Now we know what you’re thinking: “A cream on my already limp, greasy hair?? Are you insane??”

Trust us… this cream isn’t like all the regular creams – it’s a cool, super lightweight cream that’ll tame your frizzy, roughed-up hair to give it a silky, supple, shiny finish thanks to its super nourishing ingredients, Avocado Oil and Omega 3’s. Find out how to use One Minute Transformation with our guide.

Tip #2: Add back major body and volume with a texture spray

“Next I’ll go in with [Style on Steroids]. It gives your hair just a little bit of texture, and it has just a little bit of shine so it gives your hair a really nice finish,” Ellenor says.

There’s nothing like a good texturizing spray to mist life into day-two (or three!) hair. Style on Steroids is especially great for fine, thinning, and oily hair types not just because of the major bounce and fullness it gives your locks, but for its lightweight formula.

That’s right, no need to worry about your hair falling flat midday ‘cause this spray will keep you lifted all weekend long.

Another win for fine, thin, and oily-haired gals? Style on Steroids also does the job of a dry shampoo by absorbing excess oils that have built up on your head and weigh down your hair. But unlike a dry shampoo, it won’t build up on your scalp or leave residues behind, so you can flex fresh, bouncy waves day after day. Read more about why dry shampoo is bad for your hair with our guide.

On days two + three, Ellenor suggests misting on Style on Steroids, flipping your head upside down, and massaging your roots to work the spray in. Then, flip your head back up to reveal day-two hair that looks so good you’ll swear it’s only day one.


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