Is your hair still a virgin? Not if you’ve had a chemical process done.
Perms, relaxers, Keratin treatments and HAIR COLOR are chemical processes that alter your hair’s structure and molecular make-up… forever! (or until you cut if off or grow it out)
The miracle of modern hair chemicals is that you can make curly hair straight, make straight hair curly. Turn your hair into an unlimited rainbow of color.
But chemically-derived “hair beauty” comes with a price: Your hair loses its natural integrity. Because in order to work, these chemical processes have to lift up your hair’s cuticle layer like a trap door and go inside. There they do their specific job: Break bonds and reconfigure them (to straighten or curl hair), add or remove color molecules and then close up the cuticle layer best as possible.
As a result, the texture of your strands gets roughed up, the internal structure gets weaker, the outer cuticle layer that keeps essential moisture in (and keeps humidity out) never quite closes, or lays flat.

When your hair has been chemically-altered by color processing, you need to treat it differently. The same old products you’ve always used won’t give you the results you want. Even worse, they could be harmful to your hair, now that it’s in a more fragile state.

Enter Color Wow.

Totally new hair care technologies made to rehab and perfect color-treated hair.
Innovative formulas that have won an unprecedented 50 major beauty awards!
Finally, all the challenges and problems with color-treated hair… from roots to ravaged texture to “hot mess hair” from high humidity are solved with this capsule collection of high-performance, game-changing solutions. A total “rethink” of how to restore your hair’s healthiest, virgin-like texture (even improve “genetically-disadvantaged” hair types). And, always keep your color wow!