2020 is seriously a blessing in disguise if not solely for the fact that all major holidays happen to fall on Fridays. And Valentine’s Day is no exception.

The only downside is most of us will likely go straight from work to our Valentine’s Day rendezvous. Which, for us hair-obsessed types, is not ideal… particularly because we love to go all out with extravagant, time-consuming updos. Even so, that doesn’t mean styling romantic-as-hell looks is out of the question (we would never say that!).

We rounded up some of the best looks from our #colorwowcult that are simple enough to do before work and will last well into your evening.


Curly girls have it easy with this sweetheart style created by @dana.winshman on @dorit_revelis. Simply saturate your hair with Dream Coat for Curly Hair, then blow-dry with a diffuser for super glossy, bouncy, defined waves (or air-dry if you have the time.) To create the half-pony, use Cult Favorite Firm and Flexible Hairspray + a brush to smooth hair into a ponytail at the crown of your head. Add a ribbon for a perfectly sweet finish.


There’s nothing more timeless than glam waves. And if you’re tight on time, this makes the perfect second-day hairstyle, especially after a Dream Coat Anti-Frizz Hair Treatment blowout. For this look on @geesteelx, stylist @hairtohelp used Pop & Lock Glossing Serum for a polished finish + Cult Favorite Hairspray for a natural, flexible hold.


This sophisticated, glam ponytail by Color Wow Artistic Director @Joseph Maine is perfect if you’re working with day-old waves. Revive your hair with Pop & Lock Glossing Serum or One-Minute Transformation Anti-Frizz Styling Cream for a boost of moisture. Then use Cult Favorite Hairspray + a brush for a sleek ponytail secured just above the nape of the neck. Add pearl pins as desired.


This blowout by @petermazilu on @reneemurden is sure to drop jaws. If you like to use extensions, then this is definitely the look for you. To get glossy results all over, make sure to prep your hair AND extensions with Dream Coat Anti-Frizz Hair Treatment. The best part about a Dream Coat Anti-Frizz Hair Treatment blowout? It lasts. So you can sleep on it and still wake up with perfect glass hair. The ultimate time saver.