Okay ladies. Who here is guilty of flaunting the same hairstyle day after day? Because same.

As much as we love scrolling through our Pinterest feeds for hours at a time, saving cute hairstyles to a board labeled “Hair Inspo”, do we ever follow through with any of them? No. You know why? Because they all look so damn complicated and time-consuming, even if they’re a round up of the five easiest hairstyles to do before work.

And speaking of mornings, they’re already hectic enough between getting ready for the day, herding up wild toddlers, or squeezing in a quick workout. Who even has the time to forge ahead into the realm of hair experiments? (If you do… you’re a superwoman and we worship you.

What’s a girl to do?

Meet fashion guru Paige (@paige_desorbo)

Paige is just like the rest of us. She’s all about her signature style: the straight + sleek lob. You can find her rockin’ it on the daily (just check out her super stylish Insta feed @paige_desorbo).

BUT. Here’s where Paige shows us all up because she’s mastered the simplest, sweetest way to change up her style. And – we kid you not – it literally consists of two steps.

Paige’s go-to easy hairstyle is what we like to call the “fountain of youth” half-up, half-down ponytail. And not only is this super cute ‘do simple, but it’s also a fave of celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton (stylist to Kim K, JLo, Ariana Grande + Katy Perry), who demonstrated this look on Rachel Ray’s show as one of 2020’s biggest hair trends.

Bonus: This look also acts like a mini facelift (!!!), hence the name “fountain of youth”. “It pulls on the face, and it’s all in the direction you pull the ponytail. [Perfect for] anyone who wants a little lift and they don’t want to go under the knife,” says Chris.

Alright now ladies, brace yourself to be wow’d because you will *not* find an easier hairstyle to whip up in the morning for a fresh, new look (we swear!!). Watch below for a tutorial on this 2-step ‘do, plus keep reading for pro-tips from both Paige and Chris Appleton.


Step 1: Gather the top half of your hair into a half-up ponytail, starting at the top of your ears to the crown of your head. Spray with Color Wow Cult Favorite Firm + Flexible Hairspray before brushing hair smooth. Secure with an elastic.

Paige loves using Cult Favorite for this look because of its super lightweight, non-stiff formula that won’t yellow her hair or make it greasy. “The best part about it is if I want to change my hairstyle later in the day, it’s super easy to brush through. It’s not going to keep it crunchy or hard. And that’s why I really love it,” says Paige.

Step 2: Fill in gaps, uneven hairlines, or thinning patches with Color Wow Root Cover Up for a perfectly even finish.

For Chris Appleton, just adding a little Root Cover Up makes a *huge* difference for the finished look. “This is like a little magic wand for me. It literally brings hairlines down and gives it a much more fuller effect,” he says.

From Los Angeles to New York, and London to Paris, Chris is known for his work as a world-renowned conceptual hair stylist, highly sought after by some of the biggest names in music, entertainment, fashion, and advertising.

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