We get tons of questions from all of you about Dream Coat – from how to use it, to products you can pair it with and so on (we’ve answered your most frequently asked questions here). But the one question you guys ask the most? How to get glass hair using Dream Coat.

What makes this look so iconic is not just the mirror-like shine you get from Dream Coat (although that *is* the goal)... it’s also the length and fullness of the hair that enhances its liquidy, cascading appearance. “But what if I don’t have super long and thick hair? Can I not get this look?” Aha, well, that’s where the second secret to glass hair comes in: hair extensions. Today we’re gonna share with you the secret to achieving glass hair with extensions – including teaching you how to care for extensions properly.

As we all know, most of the celebs we see flaunting this look on the red carpet are without a doubt wearing faux hair. Even our mane man, celebrity stylist Chris Appleton, uses extensions on his A-list clients, including Kim K and JLo, to achieve this iconic Hollywood glam style.

But with great hair extensions comes great responsibility (that’s how that saying goes, right?). Using extensions to complete this look is not as simple as just clipping them in. Why? Because hair extensions are just as susceptible to frizz, dehydration, knots, and heat damage as your natural hair – so you need to learn how to take care of extensions.

So to show you how to care for extensions and keep them looking their glassiest using Dream Coat, we teamed up with our friend @autumrainn, an avid clip-in extension wearer who loves using Color Wow to keep her strands (both real and faux!) healthy and glossy.

Watch her in action, then get the full breakdown below!




How to Care for Extensions Step 1: How to Wash Hair Extensions

Just like your natural hair, product buildup can damage your extensions, making them look scraggly and dull and unable to hold styles. When deciding how to wash extensions, it’s important to find a shampoo that’ll keep them clean without causing further damage.

Our advice? Stay far, far away from any formula that contains sulfates as they can be damaging to your extensions (not to mention your own hair!). Our go-to? Color Wow Color Security Shampoo. This gentle, sulfate-free formula is free of residues, meaning in addition to cleaning off buildup, it won’t leave any buildup of its own behind that can prevent your extensions from being their cleanest, freshest, and glossiest.

Follow your wash with a super hydrating conditioner. This is an incredibly important step since your extensions can’t stay hydrated on their own. We love to use Color Wow Color Security Conditioner for its super lightweight and non-greasy formula.

How to Care for Extensions Step 2: Treat Hair Extensions with Dream Coat

Like we said, extensions are just as vulnerable to humidity and frizz as your natural hair. So in order to keep them silky, smooth, and shiny, Autum recommends treating them with Color Wow Dream Coat Anti-Humidity Spray before blow drying. Dream Coat forms an impenetrable seal around each strand to lock out any excess moisture that causes hair to swell and frizz. The result? Incredibly smooth and silky strands with an otherworldly gloss.

To use, towel dry extensions until they’re damp, then saturate with Dream Coat. To activate the anti-humidity protection and extreme shine, use blow dryer heat and a brush (or a blow dry brush like Autum!) to create tension.

How to Care for Extensions Step 2: Treat Hair Extensions with Dream Coat

How to Blend Extensions Step 1: Wash, condition + treat your natural hair

Once you’ve restored your extensions to their glossiest, sleekest selves, wash, condition and treat your own strands the exact same way to create a uniform appearance.

How to Blend Extensions Step 2: Secure shortest strands out of the way

Autum finds that if she doesn’t secure the bottom layer of her hair, her shortest strands tend to poke through and ruin the illusion of her extensions. To fix this, she sections out the bottom layer of her hair that aligns with the top of her ear. She then braids it and wraps it into a tight bun at the nape of her neck before securing in place.

How to Blend Extensions Step 3: Clip in extensions and style

Once your hair is ready, begin clipping in your extensions layer by layer as you normally would until they’re all in place. At this point, your extensions should look blended and on point. You can stop here, or if you want to add a little glam, you can follow Autum’s trick for curling her natural hair and extensions together.

How to Blend Extensions Step 4: Curl natural hair and extensions together

Working in small vertical sections, start by curling close to your root (aka, your natural hair). Then, without letting go of your hair, unravel the curling iron while still twisting, seamlessly moving down the strand to curl your bottom section (aka, your extensions). Autum finds this helps blend her extensions even more by unifying the sections as one piece. Finish with Color Wow Style on Steroids for long-lasting, touchable hold.

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