Q&A: How to Use Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer like a Pro

Bigger, better and more bombshell than any volumiser that’s come before it, Xtra Large is a game-changer for voluminous hair in more ways than one.

From its alcohol-free formula to its uniquely luxe and glossy finish, Xtra Large introduced never-before-seen volumising technology that changed the hair game forever.

Today, we’re diving into your most-asked Xtra Large questions to help you get the most out of your bombshell volume results. Check out how to make hair more voluminous with Xtra Large below!

How do I use Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer? 

white blob of foam

  • Apply to damp hair.
  • Dispense 2-3 pumps worth of foam into hands and pull through a section of hair from roots to ends.
  • Continue until all hair is covered.
  • Comb through to distribute evenly.
  • Style.
  • Can be blow dried or air dried.

What hair type is Xtra Large best for?

before and after of using xtra large bombshell volumizer

Xtra Large was formulated specifically for fine, thin, flat hair that flops and falls flat and cannot retain a style. Ideal for anyone looking to volumise, or add body, thickness and texture.

Does Xtra Large work on curly hair? 

Yes! If you want to learn how to get more volume in curly hair, look no further than Xtra Large. It’s perfect for fine, thin curls to make them look thicker without the crunch. 

Does Xtra Large contain alcohol? 

No! Nor does it contain any dehydrating ingredients, like salt or drying resins, typically found in volumisers.

How is Xtra Large different from other hair thickeners?

Popular volumising products today create volume with ingredients (like alcohol, salt and drying resins) that dry out and open the cuticle layer so that hair strands can’t lay flat. This creates the look of bigger, fuller hair...but damages hair’s structural integrity, and leads to all kinds of problems related to cuticles that don't lay flat! 

hair root close-upXtra Large is a new approach to volumising that doesn't force open hair's cuticle! Thanks to brand new volumising tech, this innovative formula adds a weightless-yet-bulky polymer blend (fortified by strand-strengthening Bamboo) to the surface of hair.

As it dries, it expands outward to mimic a roughed up cuticle but leaves your actual cuticle tight and intact. So hair’s left thicker and fuller, touch-ably soft, big and bouncy… never stiff, sticky or crunchy!

Can you use Xtra Large with other Color Wow hair thickening products? 

Yes! Xtra Large can be layered with other Color Wow thickening treatments and styling products for amplified results without dulling or drying hair, or weighing it down. Specifically:

dream cocktail carb infusedDream Cocktail Carb-Infused

Leave-in thickening blow-dry treatment is the ultimate prep step that “fills out” each strand as you blow dry for a natural-looking, fuller foundation to build upon.

Targeted styling spray (applied to wet or dry hair) delivers major lift and volume, specifically at the roots, for long-lasting, elevated volume and fuller-looking styles.

Non-chalky, non-drying texture spray works on dry hair to zhuzh up flat styles and create instant fuller, sexy texture. Read more about how to add volume to hair with our guide.

What does Xtra Large feel like in your hair?

color wow xtra large with a cloud backdropCompletely natural! Hair will feel super full, thick and like it has style-holding grip, but without feeling like there’s any product in it.

Even better? Unlike typical volumisers that can feel sticky, crunchy and rigid, Xtra Large leaves hair glossy and luxe with a natural swing and bounce.

Is there heat protection in Xtra Large? 

Yes! Read more about our heat protectant products and the effects of heat damage within our guide.

Is Xtra Large only good for colour-treated hair?

No! All Color Wow products are beneficial for colour-treated AND non-colour-treated hair. It’s also safe to use on hair that’s been chemically treated (i.e., perms, Keratin treatments, Brazilian blowouts, etc.).

Is Xtra Large a root lifting formula?

While not a dedicated "root lift" product like Color Wow's Raise the Root, Xtra Large provides a lifting and volume boost everywhere it's applied, from the crown to throughout the lengths of hair.

If desired, it can be used in combination with a root lift formula, like Raise the Root, for even bigger, higher hairstyles.

Will Xtra Large weigh down my fine, thin hair?

white feathers floatingNope! Xtra Large is ultra-lightweight thanks to its weightless volumising technology. 

Can I use Dream Coat and Xtra Large together?

We do not recommend using Dream Coat and Xtra Large on the same day as the two polymer technologies can counteract each other (i.e., Dream Coat compresses, Xtra Large expands).

You can, however, use Dream Coat one day, then use Xtra Large on following wash days to style. 

Can I use Dream Coat for Curly Hair and Xtra Large together?

color wow dream coat for curly hair and xtra large volumizerAbsolutely! We recommend using Xtra Large first, followed by Dream Coat for Curly Hair.

Is Xtra Large heat activated? 

No! Unlike many volumisers on the market, Xtra Large does not require heat to activate. You can still achieve the same thicker, fuller results if you choose to air dry. 

Is Xtra Large fragrance-free?


Is Xtra Large cruelty-free?

Yes! Xtra Large is cruelty-free, as are all Color Wow products



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