To say this year has been a challenging one for mamas everywhere would quite literally be the understatement of the year. Being a mom in any regular year already requires superhuman skills. But add in a global pandemic, sudden shifts to WFH and virtual schooling, and you’ve got yourself one wild, anxiety-ridden ride. Throughout all the insanity that is 2020, it’s easy to forget about your #1 priority: YOU! Yes, your family needs you. Yes, work needs you. But in order to give them your best, you have to feel your best. And that’s where we come in!

So you only have 5 minutes a day for yourself? Perfect, that’s all you need (sometimes even less!), according to some of our fave mom bloggers. What can you possibly get done in 5 minutes, you ask? A lot more than you’d think when you have the right styler. For these hot mamas, their holy grail speedy styler has been One-Minute Transformation.

Packed with Avocado Oil + Omega 3’s, this non-greasy, lightweight cream not only infuses hair with nutrients for a silky, hydrated, bouncy finish, but can instantly tame frizz, smooth bent-out-of-shape hair, and even help you fake a full-on glam blowout. And today, these mamas are going to show you exactly how they do all this in five minutes or less!


Smoothing Wild Bed Head

“This literally helps me get my hair into shape in under 5 minutes from start to finish. It’s really nice and light. It’s not greasy at all, so it works well on all hair types… It’s so great, especially if you have a busy lifestyle and can’t manage to mess with your hair too long.”

Is your bed head too wild, even for the likes of 2020? Skip the wash and blow dry, and smooth on some One-Minute Transformation instead. Its fast-acting formula will instantly polish any bumps, crimps or frizz for a perfectly silky-smooth finish. For a touch of glam, use a large curling iron on large sections of hair for some bouncy and sexy loose waves.


Taming Frizzy Curls

“When you don’t have time for a blowout, this cream leaves you frizz-free within minutes. Smooth a dime to quarter size (depending on hair length/thickness) where you need it most and voilà! Instantly frizz-free without that greasy look/feeling.”

Curly mamas like Bethany have it made with One-Minute Transformation. If your ringlets get super frizzy, whether after a night of sleep or midday, rub a small amount of One-Minute Transformation into your hands and use your fingers to comb through your curls. Its frizz-fighting formula will instantly tame your wild tendrils, revealing glossy, more defined curls. And that’s literally it. Your curls and even your lil pumpkin’s curls are revived in less than a minute.


Faking a Silky-Smooth Blowout

“This is the perfect styling
cream to fix frizziness, perfect
for second-day hair. It’s
lightweight, non-greasy, and
does the job very quickly.”

Working with day two hair? You can create a silky-smooth, salon-like blowout in a few short minutes when you combine One-Minute Transformation with a quick blast of blow-dryer heat. After applying to your hair, use a paddle brush to gently smooth out your hair as you blow dry. If you want to get a little fancy, wrap sections of hair around a round brush and hit with heat for 10 seconds to create a bouncy blowout.