Looking for an excuse to skip wash day and embrace your dirty hair? We got you.

Besides giving you extra snooze time in the mornings (we stan!), working with “dirty” hair can also give you better styling results. It’s essentially the equivalent of using a texture spray in that the dirtier your hair is, the more grit, pliability and staying power it has.

We know finding the right routine for your own unwashed strands can take a lot of trial and error. A lot depends on your hair texture. But in our experience, we’ve found there are two key things unwashed hair needs for styling success 1) hydration to revive elasticity and 2) lightweight control that won’t make your hair feel even dirtier than it already is.

For us, styling unwashed hair starts with Color Wow One-Minute Transformation Styling Cream. This on-the-spot fix instantly transforms the texture of your dirty hair by adding back major moisture and nutrients. Unlike most creams, One-Minute Transformation is absorbed into the inner layers of your hair, where its formula, rich in Avocado Oil and Omega 3’s, replenishes your hair’s natural moisture balance without leaving a greasy film on the surface of your hair. The result? Renewed suppleness and elasticity, and a glossy finish.

As for a day two or three styling spray, Color Wow Cult Favorite Firm + Flexible Hairspray is a must. Because of its firm but flexible formula, your hair will never feel stiff or sticky, meaning no matter how much you spray on, your strands will always feel soft, touchable, and brush-able. Plus, it’s made without typical ingredients found in hairsprays that yellow, darken, or dull color, so your hair stays glossy and your color stays vibrant as ever!

In case our raving reviews weren’t enough to convince you that you need these dirty hair stylers (we are biased, after all), we teamed up with bridal hair specialist @zoeskyceo to show you real results. Watch as she uses these two products to completely transform her super textured, day three hair – that she left to dry in a top knot for two days! – into sleek, glossy strands.

Note: These two products, while strong enough to revive even the most textured hair, are also lightweight enough for finer and thinner hair types (aka, they won’t weigh down your hair or make it look/feel greasy).


Step 1. On dry hair, apply a small amount of One-Minute Transformation throughout your strands. Use a blow-dry brush (or a regular blow dryer with a brush) to smooth out your strands. One-Minute Transformation not only “melts” moisture into your hair, but provides thermal protection to protect against dryness and damage.

Pro tip:
If you have highly textured baby hairs around your hairline that are hard to reach with your blow-dryer, use a mini flat iron to smooth them out.

Step 2.
Using a curling iron, curl your hair like you would if you were using rollers – aka, curl your top section of hair toward the back and curl your sides down. Make sure to spray each section with Cult Favorite before curling. This will not only help give your curls long-lasting hold but will protect your strands against heat damage. Set your curls by pinning them into place while they cool. Once done curling, spray again with Cult Favorite for extra hold.

Step 3.
When your hair has sufficiently cooled down, unpin your curls and lightly comb out into your finished look.