We’ve been riding the tide of long, swirly, mermaid-y waves for a while. Can this look ever get old? Nope! But, it sure can get NEW….in fact SHINY + NEW!!

Chris Appleton, Color Wow Global Artistic Director and personal stylist to JLo (yes, he did her killer Super Bowl style) and Kim Kardashian (check out his Insta for her endless chameleon transformations), has a new thought pattern (and curl pattern!) when it comes to reinventing this iconic sexy look.

Check out Chris’ secret go-to products and tools, and learn his “rockin” new wave technique.


How to create this waves hairstyle? We’re breaking it down for you.

First, prep your hair with products that guarantee super silky texture and major shine. Chris has a no-fail “start-up” regime for supple, healthy hair with incredible, mirror-like shine.

1. Shampoo with Color Wow Color Security Shampoo. Unlike other shampoos this one has no ingredients that leave behind residues that can dull the hair. Chris counts on this shampoo for a totally clean, fresh slate. “It keeps the hair clean, keeps the scalp light, leaves no dulling nasty things behind.”

2. After conditioning with Color Security Conditioner, he pulls Coconut Cocktail through damp hair (concentrating on the driest sections) to treat, nourish and intensely hydrate. “Instantly quenches and gives the hair some love.”

3. Follow by saturating hair with Dream Coat Anti-humidity Spray. Dream Coat is what gives me that immaculate finish, smooths the cuticle and locks out humidity.”

4. Blow dry using a paddle brush and tension.
“Heat melts it all in, transforms the texture (seals the ends nicely!) and gives you that mirror like shine."

With a perfect base of smooth, shiny hair, the cool new wave-making begins!

Tips for the perfect wave hairstyle

Key technique #1: As he works, Chris sprays each section with Color Wow EXTRA Shine Spray. It not only protects against heat, but when you do apply heat, it seals in the shine factor and doesn’t leave the hair greasy.

Then he uses a triple barrel waver, like Trademark Beauty’s Jumbo Babe Waves, to create a fresh new pattern. Chris uses a 1-2 inch diameter to get larger looser waves.

Key technique #2: Chris starts clamping the curling iron a few inches down the strand, away from the roots. You do NOT want texture or volume at the roots!! “I like to leave the roots a bit straighter, flatter and closer to the head…it makes the waves look much more modern.” 

Key technique #3: As you clamp down the iron, move it slightly up and down. Rocking the iron prevents getting super sharp lines or too much of a dent. “We get this really beautiful wave but the hair is super shiny…which is the key part of the look.”

Key technique #4: Switch to a flat-iron for making smaller, controlled waves around the face. Chris pushes the iron around the hair sections in front (leaving the root section flat) while moving the hair in the shape of an “s”. “Makes the look much more cool and chill!”

Key technique #5:
To finish the hair off, Chris uses a few pumps of Color Wow Pop + Lock smoothing/glossing serum to break up the style without loosing the waves. He rubs the product in his hands, then pulls it through the hair. This adds a finished layer of brilliant radiance to the style, and keeps the style from getting big or poofy.

“I think anyone would want to wear this hair. It’s a really controlled deep wave... It’s flat, it’s not too volumized…it’s really chill.”


From Los Angeles to New York, and London to Paris, Chris is known for his work as a world-renowned conceptual hair stylist, highly sought after by some of the biggest names in music, entertainment, fashion, and advertising.

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