We love a good blow dry for the way it so gracefully and flawlessly falls around our face. But sometimes the time and effort it takes to pull it off (and the strain on our tresses) is too much day after day.

Luckily, we’ve got celebrity stylist Chris Appleton on speed dial for when we’re in a rut. And if we’ve learned anything from him over the years, it’s that full-blown styling isn’t always necessary to achieve the most flattering results. Sometimes it’s the simplest, most foolproof tips and tricks that make the biggest difference.

So we asked: How do we get the most flattering styles with minimal effort? His response: It’s all about the face. From a touch of color to adding extensions for a fuller look, these four tips from Chris will transform your everyday style with almost no effort on your end. Watch him in action, then read on for Chris’ face framing hair tips.

Chris Appleton’s Face Framing Hair Tips


If you’re looking for some color inspo, Chris swears by this trend of the moment: the “money piece.” Named for its big payoff, the money piece creates dimension and contrast by adding very subtle highlights to your front framing strands.

You’ve most likely seen this look on several celebs (including Beyoncé, Jennifer Lawrence, Gisele Bündchen), but we loved it most when Chris created this look on JLo for her press appearance leading up to her legendary half-time performance.

Another big payoff for this look? How low-maintenance it is. Because the balayage technique is often used for this dye job, you can let it grow out without it *looking* like it’s growing out. In other words, touch it up or leave it be – it’ll work its magic either way.

Pro Tip: If you’re not into coloring your hair, Chris suggests throwing in an extension at the very front, making sure to choose a color a couple shades brighter than your natural color.


When short on time, Chris loves using this no-wash hair routine to add volume to the front of the hair. “When you get a little volume at the front, it gives you that nice bounce and sexy feel,” Chris says. Even if the rest of your hair is super smooth, adding a touch of volume makes a world of a difference by opening up your face.

To get this look, Chris sections out the front of the hair and applies Color Wow One-Minute Transformation. Then, using a big round brush, he wraps the hair around and hits it with blow dryer heat for 15 seconds. The result? A sexy, bouncy, playful frame for your face.


This trick comes in handy when creating a textured, wavy look. When using a tool like the Beauty Works Waver, Chris advises avoiding the pieces directly framing your face. “In my experience, if I do the crimping around the face, it gets a little bit too much,” Chris says.

Instead, Chris uses a straightener on front-framing pieces to create an “s”-shaped wave for a sleeker, more modern finish. “I’m still getting the same kind of technique but it’s just a little bit flatter and not quite as poofy,” says Chris. To do this, push the iron around your hair as you move the hair in the shape of an “s”.

Pro Tip: Spray your hair with Extra Shine Spray before using the straightener and Beauty Works Waver to “melt” in the shine.

From Los Angeles to New York, and London to Paris, Chris is known for his work as a world-renowned conceptual hair stylist, highly sought after by some of the biggest names in music, entertainment, fashion, and advertising.

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