Let’s be real – there are a lot of things in life we all take for granted. Things we have no reason to believe aren’t what they say they are. But for anyone who’s been on a true crime binge lately, then you know not everything is always what it seems to be.

One shocking revelation we discovered years ago? Most shampoos that we thought were cleaning our hair actually are leaving residues behind on our hair AND scalp. These ingredients actually can cause dulling, scalp irritation, blocking of hair follicles and can even undermine your hair’s ability to hold a style.


1. Is your shampoo *actually* cleaning your hair?
If it promises to do anything other than clean (aka, it’s a thickening, defrizzing, hydrating, etc. shampoo), then it’s leaving residues behind and your hair dirtier.

2. Is your shampoo protecting your colour?
If it contains any essential oils, sulphates, oxidising agents, nitrogen compounds or dyes, then it is not a colour-safe formula. (Read more: 60+ surprising ingredients that can corrupt your colour)

3. Is your shampoo contributing to hair thinning or hair loss?
If it’s leaving residues behind, that means you’re massaging these residues into your hair follicles. Over time, this can cause them to become clogged, preventing healthy hair growth and causing hair loss.

4. Is your shampoo sulphate-free?
It should say so explicitly on the packaging. Sulphates are harsh detergents that can dehydrate hair and strip colour.

5. Is your shampoo undermining your style?
If it’s leaving residues behind, over time those residues will start to weigh hair down, dull your shine, and cause your hair to become unresponsive to stylers.

When formulating our award-winning shampoo, we left out any ingredient that didn’t rinse off. In the end, what we were left with was a “revolutionary” shampoo formula for visibly healthier, cleaner hair and scalp. But if you really think about it, it isn't so much a revolution as it is a return to the basics. A shampoo that does exactly what all shampoos are supposed to… CLEAN! Period.

Of course, we understand that all of you are used to having many options when it comes to shampoos. So when considering our one-and-only shampoo for all hair types, you often have a lot of questions. And, we have the answers!


What hair type is Color Security Shampoo for?
ALL hair types can benefit from our shampoo! Whether you’re frizz-prone, colour-treated, struggling with thinning hair or nurturing damaged strands, our gentle formula is key to ensuring your hair and scalp are optimally clean and healthy at all times.

Is it for colour-treated hair only?
Nope! Anyone can use Color Security Shampoo, whether they’re colour-treated or rocking their natural hue.

But it IS colour-safe, right?

Absolutely. We are always hyper-vigilant about ingredients, but especially when it comes to colour. Did you know? Most shampoos that claim to be colour-safe… aren’t. Our research has found that common ingredients, such as essential oils, are actually causing your colour to yellow and darken. 

In a recent third-party study of over 500 testers using Color Security Shampoo, 91%* said it improved vibrancy and slowed colour fade.

Is it good for thinning hair and hair loss?

Yes, and in fact, it will actually do more for your hair than any volumising or thickening shampoo! Not because Color Security Shampoo will thicken your hair (it won’t). But it WILL make sure your scalp and hair follicles stay clean and unblocked to allow for healthy hair growth. It won’t exacerbate a thinning hair issue like many shampoos do.

Here’s the 411: In order for volumising/thickening shampoos to work, they HAVE to leave ingredients behind on your hair and scalp to deliver on thicker, fuller, higher benefits. Same with defrizzing shampoos. They can’t take the frizz away without leaving ingredients behind to smooth the cuticle. The problem is that shampoo is the only product you massage into your scalp, and therefore you’re also massaging these residues into your hair follicles.

When this happens, your follicles can become blocked, potentially resulting in hair thinning or loss. Ironic no?

Our shampoo, on the other hand, leaves NO residues behind, rinsing completely off for optimal healthy scalp conditions!

See the clinically-proven difference for yourself!

Is it safe to use everyday?
Yes, its gentle formula is non-stripping, so it won’t ever impact your colour or leave your strands feeling dry and straw-like. You might actually find that you can go longer between shampoos thanks to its 100% clean, residue-free formula!


Is it sulphate-free?
Yes it is! It’s also uniquely rich-lathering for a sulphate-free formula for a luxe and lavish wash day.

Is it safe for Keratin-treated hair?


*Hearst Study Source: "15 of the best sulphate-free shampoos"

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