8 Ideas for Self Care: Your 30 minute self-care retreat

Feeling a bit over-worked and over-whelmed? Here are 8 ideas for self care that turn your humble bath into a luxurious haven. With this 30 minute self care routine, you'll emerge renewed, revitalized, and glowing from hair to toe!


1. Set the mood with a subtle scent

A favourite candle, eucalyptus branches, or an essential oil bath bomb can trigger happy feelings, fast! Pine, orange, citrus, rose, lavender are all anxiety-busters. Our current fave candle scents: Dyptique’s Jasmine and Birchwood Pine from Nest.



Filter loud sounds with calming tunes or white noise. You know Alexa/Google's got you covered here.


3. Run a bath

Make sure that it's the perfect temp (32°C – 40°C)… just slightly warmer than body temp.


4. Wash your hair

Be sure to use a shampoo that leaves hair super fresh and residue-free. Color Security Shampoo is 100% clean, sulphate-free and ideal for all hair types!


5. Multi-task + multi-mask!

Face: So many choices! We love sheet masks with saturating skin serums that penetrate more effectively in a warm, steamy setting. And we love Masque Visolastine from Biologique Recherche which somehow does it all: calms, smooths, tightens AND hydrates for amazing results.

Lips: Slather on a rich anti-chap lip mask, like Laneige Lip Mask which comes in yummy varieties, all rich with Vitamin E and antioxidants to keep lips plump and hydrated.

Hair: Rehydrate your hair and reinvent your texture with Color Wow’s Money Masque.
 Deep penetrating mask with a hydrating and nourishing Blue Sea Kale/Mediterranean Algae blend goes inside strands for incredibly luxe, supple, glossy results.


6. Hydrate your inner self, too

A glass of wine is relaxing, but plain H2O will make your body happier. Your choice...



7. Close your eyes

Breathe. Let your mind drift. (This is no time for forced focus and mindfulness!)



8. Wrap up your session in cushy comfort

We love using a spa towel or terry robe. Nothing says "self-care" like a cozy cuddle!



Celebrity Stylist Chris Appleton’s one-step-prep treatment for sexy, iconic hair. Natural marine actives (Blue Sea Kale, Mediterranean Algae) hydrate to the core for silky, supple, expensive-looking hair.