Who here is guilty of self-neglect? Ahem, yes that would be us. You too?

We get it. So often we let life’s stressors get in the way and we forget to take a moment for ourselves. We push off the gym, hold off doing our hair, skip breakfast… all the things that improve our mental health, make us feel good, and get us ready to tackle the day head on. All this unnecessary stressin’ got us thinking: What is a good self-care routine? You know we’re all about a good hair routine (obvs), but there’s another area we felt could use a little extra love: our skincare routine.

With this in mind, we teamed up with our friends at FOREO to bring you a simple self-care tutorial to get glowing! Just like us here at Color Wow, FOREO is passionate about engineering high-tech solutions that challenge the traditional beauty world.

Today, we’re introducing you to one of FOREO’s most popular innovative solutions that delivers skin that glows, the UFO Smart Mask. This app-based tool helps you build a personalized skin profile, gives you expert beauty tips, and tells you which UFO Activated Mask is most compatible with your skin type.

Made with the same formulas that brought you Korean face masks, the UFO gives you a luxurious, at-home facial treatment in seconds. (Mind. Blown.)

Okay, enough of us gushing over our new face mask crush. Let’s get glowing! Keep reading for the best self-care routine to reboot and reset your skin and hair.



Step 1: Set up your UFO Smart Mask

After you download the FOREO app and sync it to your UFO device, scan the barcode on your UFO Activated Mask (we used Make My Day Mask for its anti-pollution, hydrating formula). This tells your UFO what treatment you’re using.



Step 2: Prep for use

Remove the attachment ring from your UFO. Then secure your mask to the device by clipping the attachment ring back into place, with the FOREO logo facing up.




Step 3: Glide to glow

Gently glide UFO across clean, dry skin using circular motions until the device turns off. Dispose of the mask and rinse UFO under running water. To finish, use your fingers to gently pat any remaining essence into your skin until it’s fully absorbed. Follow with your favorite moisturizer.



Step 1: Cleanse with a sulfate-free, residue-free shampoo

Another cause of color-dulling buildup on your hair and scalp is washing your hair with a shampoo that contains “stay-behind” ingredients (like silicones, conditioning agents, thickening agents, pearlizing agents, oils) that don’t rinse out easily.

Color Wow Color Security Shampoo is a 100% clean formula. It does not contain ingredients that stick to the hair and scalp. Unlike typical shampoos, everything rinses off leaving you with clean, fresh, glossy hair. Follow this with Color Wow Color Security Conditioner to hydrate and detangle.

Step 2: Seal in shine

For the ultimate glowy finish, treat yourself to Color Wow Dream Coat Anti-humidity treatment. This innovative anti-frizz spray forms a “waterproof” cloak around each strand, effectively humidity-proofing your hair. The result? Silky, smooth hair with a blinding shine.

To use, spray liberally and evenly on DAMP (not wet) hair. Blow dry using tension. Results last through 3 to 4 shampoos. Perfect for all hair types.

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