Humidity is no joke – in fact it’s one of the biggest pain points when it comes to haircare. Why? Humidity causes frizz and no one wants to have frizzy hair. Luckily, no one has to - thanks to the revolutionary Dream Coat formula. It’s been called a game changer and a miracle product by the editors at Yahoo, Allure, Harper's, and basically everywhere else. But does it really work? We put it to the test in the frizziest states of America. Here’s what people are saying coast to coast.

The most humid city in the USA is New Orleans, Louisiana. Have you been to New Orleans in July? It’s like walking through a sauna. On an average day, the city is at 75% humidity (ON AVERAGE?!). Could Dream Coat really hold up? Here’s what Louisiana locals had to say:

“I am in love with this product. I have wavy/frizzy hair and it is made worse by the southern humidity. When I use Dream Coat my hair stays frizz free for 3-4 days. Definitely a life saver.”

- Lacey S


“WOW!’ Doesn’t begin to express my enthusiasm over this product. Before moving to New Orleans, I never had any problems with my hair. Strawberry blonde, hung straight as an arrow, no frizz. What I never anticipated was the humidity. Everywhere I went, if I showered before, I went out with my hair damp and soggy. This is miraculous! I can blow dry my hair leaving no dampness and now my hair hangs beautifully straight and without messy tangles.”

- Voodoo4ducks

Still not convinced? Well after Louisiana, Florida is the next most-humid state. Four Florida cities are in the top ten of the US (Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Miami). Here’s what Florida dwellers had to say about Dream Coat:

“This product is amazing. I live in South, Florida where it is very humid. This product makes my hair look amazing. I apply according to the directions, blow dry (sloppy, I am not a hair dresser) and flat iron. My hair is perfect every time. It will stay flat and frizz free for days. I only use it every 3-4 washes and it continues to work."

- Angie

Want more? Check out this review from Prissy Torres (@thefashionmuse_), who lives in Miami:

You want more proof? Fine, let’s head to Houston, Texas. Houston’s humidity levels are basically legendary, but Dream Coat still does the trick. Check out this review from Nikki of @newtexacali: Don’t believe Nikki? Don’t worry, there are plenty more Houston ladies who love Dream Coat. Check out this review from beauty site Influenster:

“My hairdresser lives by this product. It’s very humid where I live, and this product does a good job of keeping frizz out of my hair for multiple days! I have colored hair (balayage) and compared to other hair serums, like Garnier or Chi, this product actually works with humid climate to tame my frizz!”

- Divya B

What, you want to hear from West Coasters too? Fine, here’s a review from California:

“This will change your life. I have frizzy, dry, poofy, thick, wavy hair that is super hard to maintain given that I prefer wearing it sleek and straight. This has replaced almost ALL my hair styling products. It makes my hair frizz free and so soft it feels like virgin hair. I just spray it liberally on damp hair and blow dry. I then go over it with my flat iron. My hair stays straight until I wash it, even if I work out and sweat or am in humid weather! I can’t live without it!”

- Savannah N

Also on the list of the frizziest states in America? North Carolina. But Dream Coat works there too.

“I have thick, wavy, fine hair and live in NC. It gets super humid and rains pretty often so my hair can get frizzy and curl really quickly. This product has changed my life. I straightened my hair on day 2 of using this product and got caught outside in the pouring rain. Normally my hair would then curl and look terribly frizzy but this product held up and kept my hair looking sleek and full of shine!”

- Hannah C

Tennessee also gets super humid. (On average in the mornings, it reaches 84% - yikes!) But fans there are raving:

“My new favorite product. I have wavy hair and I want straight. This is an exceptional product, not only does it straighten my hair but it keeps it straight for 3 or 4 days.”

- Robin W

“This stuff literally is a DREAM... a dream come true! Made my hair feel like different hair! Like the 18 year old untreated, healthy hair I used to have. It’s pricey but lasts a long time because I only use it every 3 shampoos. Highly recommend. I will be purchasing this over and over!!!”

- Emily T

And last, but certainly not least humid - Alabama. Check out what one super passionate reviewer had to say:

“I’ve purposely waited a few days after beginning to use this product to ensure it wasn’t just “hype”. I live in the South. Here, Alabama football reigns supreme and the only thing higher than an Alabama football score is the humidity. It is relentless and unforgiving. I can have a beautiful blowout, walk outside, and see all of my work frizz out within a matter of minutes. I used this product on a day I washed my hair, as well as a high humidity day and it worked beautifully. The next day, I didn’t wash, used dry shampoo, and was very pleased with the continued frizz control. On the 3rd day, a hair washing day with rain and 100% humidity, I was stunned at how tame my hair has remained. In short, this product is AMAZING!”

- Melissa

If that’s not hype, we don’t know what is. If you haven’t tried Dream Coat yet, well maybe it’s time to change that.