Your Guide to Overnight Curls: How to Make Curls Last Longer

Speaking for fine, thin-haired girls everywhere, we’d do just about anything to get our curls to last through second-day hair. There’s nothing more frustrating than putting our effort into creating gorgeous curls only to wake up the next morning to find they’ve fallen flat overnight. What gives? How do we learn how to make curls last overnight?!

If your curl styles can’t hang past day one, it could be the result of a number of things: a curler that’s too big, a setting spray that’s either too weak or too heavy for your hair type, layering on too many products. And testing out all your styling options? Forget it – that’s a lot of time and money spent.

So when it comes to adding major hold to fine hair, we like to keep it simple (like, really really simple) with a single spray that has it all: a lightweight formula (!!!), heat protection, major volume, and lasting hold. Our go-to? Color Wow Style on Steroids Texturizing Spray.

This hair spray is known for its record “setting” results (aka, will give any head of hair curls for days!). Not only that, but it also does the job of a dry shampoo by absorbing any excess oil on day two or three hair.

Unlike a dry shampoo, however, it won’t build up on your scalp or leave behind any chalky residues (you can read more about why dry shampoo is bad for your hair in our guide). 

In fact, it actually contains moisturising ingredients so your hair won’t dry out or feel weighed down!

So now that you’ve found your one-and-done spray, let’s get to it! Here’s your guide on how to make curls last, the Color Wow way.


Step 1: Apply a volumizer

A model spraying Style on Steroids onto her hair.When you're styling curls in fine, thin hair you want to pump up the volume AND you create lift that lasts. Start by applying Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer to your strands.

The key is to add it in sections at your roots and then apply additional foam to the mid-lengths and ends. Because the formula is free of salt and alcohol it gives mega volume without typical dryness that can cause your curls to collapse.

Step 2: Add heat protection & hold to your hair before curling

We all know heat protection is a must when using hot tools. But in addition to protecting your hair, Style on Steroids also adds grit and texture to your strands. This is *key* to prevent your curls from falling.

“Dirtier” hair (aka, second- and third-day hair) tends to hold styles better due to having a natural grit from your hair’s natural oils. Making sure your hair has a grittier hold from the start is vital before styling, especially if you’re working with freshly washed hair, which tends to be silkier and less able to hold shape for long.

woman curling her blonde hair with a styling tool and using a product

Step 3: Use a one-inch barrel to curl your hair

You don’t need a big curling iron or curling wand to get big curls. The truth is, you can still get big, sexy curls with a smaller barrel, AND they’ll last longer. When you use a bigger curling iron, you’re creating very loose curls that fall out easily.

Smaller barrels, however, create tighter curls that take longer to unwind and will leave you with perfect waves on the second day. Find out how to curl your hair with different hot tools in our article.

Step 4: Let your curls cool before brushing out

In order to prevent your curls from falling flat, don’t touch or brush them out while they’re cooling off. This will only cause them to relax and straighten. Instead, leave them in tight ringlets (we know, not cute) until they’re completely cooled.

Or, if you feel like going the extra mile, curl up your sections of hair and pin them to your head to set. This will ensure your curls stay as tight as possible as they cool off.

Once your hair has cooled, you can gently brush them out. We recommend spraying a brush with Style on Steroids before lightly brushing through your curls. This’ll add extra hold and big, bouncy curls.

Just remember: the tighter your curls stay, the longer they’ll last. So even though tighter curls might not be your jam, it’ll help in the long run.

Step 5: Get your beauty rest!

A woman with a twisted bun on the top of her head.

You don’t want to sleep directly on your curls – that’s a surefire way to flatten ‘em out! Instead, to make curls last overnight, try either a loose braid(s) or loosely wrapping your hair into a bun at the crown of your head. Take care not to go too tight or you’ll stretch out your curls. 

Pro Tip: Use a silk pillowcase to avoid roughing up your hair and causing frizz while you sleep.

Step 6: Touch up your curls in the morning

Taking care to follow all previous steps, you should wake up with well-preserved curls or waves. Freshen up your strands with a misting of Style on Steroids to re-moisturize, pump up the volume, and give you lasting hold through day two. For some extra fullness, try backcombing your curls.

Images of a woman taking out the bun on top of her head, brushing her hair, and her hair is still in well-preserved curls


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