For the 8th year in a row, our magic Root Cover Up has won an Allure Beauty Award for the best Root Cover Up and we are so honored. At Color Wow, it’s our mission to find solutions to women’s most frustrating hair problems, and when we are recognized for making a difference that’s our greatest reward. So today on the blog, we’d like to share 8 different reasons why our Root Cover Up has become such a world-wide favorite and how it can help you solve some of your hair issues- including everything from an uneven hairline, to dark roots to disguising fine hairs.

1. It’s easy, instant, and precise
In a review of Root Cover Up, Allure Executive Beauty Director Jenny Bailly said, “Here’s the thing about this Color Wow stuff, it’s a pressed powder that comes with a small brush so I can pinpoint my grays – and avoid my salon highlights – better than I can with a spray or loose powder.”


2. It’s long-lasting (aka, smudge-proof, sweat-proof, water-proof)

It’s technically temporary color, which means it stays in until it’s shampoo’d out. You can actually swim in it AND sweat in it!




3. Will cover even dark roots
Yes, even if you’re an icy blonde (aka you’ve got that bleached hair with dark roots), you can disguise your root growth with our lightest shade of Root Cover Up! Perfect for extending highlights in between salon appointments.



4. Looks like your real hair

The reflective mineral powder gives a multidimensional effect and ensures that Root Cover Up looks totally natural. It has the texture and finish of real hair, and it’s available in eight shades so you can find your perfect match.

5. Feels like your real hair
The product is never stiff, sticky, or waxy like mascaras, crayons, and sprays. Hair feels and looks natural.

6. Makes thinner and fine hairs appear thicker, fuller instantly
Camouflages thinning hair, receded hairlines, exposed scalp, and perfects uneven hairlines.

7. It’s a great value
One compact will last between six months to a year.

8. Contains only good-for-you ingredients
It’s completely free of waxes, parabens, dyes, ppd’s, and it’s totally cruelty-free.

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