Christie’s Curly Hair Transformation

"Dealing with my curly hair felt like an endless search for the right combination of products." - Christie Belfiore

That's a feeling that seems to resonate with curly-haired people everywhere. Navigating the world of gels, foams, and sprays in an attempt to get the perfect bundled curls without sacrificing the feel of their natural hair can be super frustrating.

Christie Belfiore, Executive Director of Brand Marketing and Ecommerce at Color Wow, was on a perpetual hunt for the ideal product combination.

Overwhelmed by choices, she frequently used heavy gels and foams to manage her curls.

While they reduced frizz, they also weighed her hair down making her curls limp and lifeless. But all that changed for Christie when she started working at Color Wow.

The Transition to Color Wow

Christie’s first transition to Color Wow products was when she introduced the Color Security Shampoo & Normal-to-Thick Conditioner into her routine. The results? She explains, “My hair now feels super clean because this shampoo leaves absolutely no residues which is very rare and I can go multiple days without washing.” 



Next, Christie downsized from a myriad of products to just two. First, she integrated Curl Wow Flo-etry Vital Natural Serum to her regime, adding that much-needed moisture, making her curls glossier and frizz-free. Then, the final game changing step was when she started using Dream Coat for Curly Hair.

“Dream Coat for Curly Hair is my go-to for lots of definition without having to "scrunch out the crunch", which was required previously to keep my curls frizz-free when using gels and foams.”


Tips and Tricks for Maximum Curl Volume and Bounce

But it wasn’t just about products; technique played a part too. Taking advice from Color Wow's Global Director of Training and Education, Giles Robinson, Christie adopted a new method.

She said that Giles taught her to, “really saturate every strand of hair with the Dream Coat for Curly Hair when my hair is wet (not towel dried) and then to flip my head upside down when drying with a diffuser to get that added volume at my roots. Something I've always struggled with when using traditional curl products.”

The Final Results

No longer weighed down by a slew of products, Christie's curls now have definition, volume and bounce!

The Color Wow Heroes for Christie:

Color Wow Color Security Shampoo: This sulphate-free, residue-free rich-lathering formula contains no silicones, thickening or conditioning ingredients that stay behind and weigh hair down, dull it, cause scalp irritation and even hair loss.

Normal-to-Thick Conditioner: Rich hydrators, plus Avocado Oil, nourish and deliver silky-smooth, glossy hair; 3 levels of heat

Curl Wow Flo-etry: Rich-oil blend moisturizes strands from root to tip for instantly plump, plush, juicy curls. No weight or greasy feel!

Dream Coat for Curly Hair: One-step solution for frizz-free, crunch-free curls offers the combined benefits of gels + serums + creams without crunchiness, greasiness or weight

For all the curl enthusiasts out there still searching, Christie's journey is a testament: there's light (and bounce) at the end of the tunnel with Color Wow.


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