Are you a “quick! get this hair off my neck” ponytail girl? Or, are you a smooth, sleek, polished-to-perfection pony styler?

Celeb stylist Chris Appleton (aka “the man who is reinventing Hollywood glam”) says “How you wear your pony says a lot about you. You may not think much about it, but I spend a LOT of time studying people, hair, and what their style communicates about their personality. Your pony sends a definite vibe.“

As the “mane man” who creates jaw-dropping looks for celebs like JLo, KKW and Katy Perry, Chris is the originator of hair trends sweeping the internet, like Glass Hair. He’s also renowned for elevating, elongating, extending... taking the basic ponytail to a whole new dimension of WOW!

Chris’s tips for all these ponies:

Step 1: After you shampoo and condition, blow dry the hair in the direction the ponytail will go. This will make the hair smoother and easier to work with.

Step 2: Spray a light working spray on your brush as you brush the hair back. It will help control baby fine hairs and create a smooth surface. I like Color Wow Cult Favorite Hairspray, it dries quickly, is super easy to brush through and won’t turn yellow on the hair. The hair feels completely natural. And I can just keep layering it into the hair.

Step 3: I like to use a bungie to make the pony. It’s so simple, and elastics can be damaging.

Step 4: When you’re pulling the hair into a pony to secure it in place, tilt your head BACK (not forward) to catch all the underneath sections. This simple move makes a huge difference. You want the pony to look clean and tight, not full of lumps and sagging sections.

Step 5: Finally, I like to take a little section of hair, douse it with the Color Wow Cult Favorite Hairspray and then wrap it around to conceal the elastic. Next, I take the hair dryer and dry this section into place so there is no need to use a pin to secure it. This is a tiny detail that makes a big difference!

Step 6: Then I finish it all off with a spray of Color Wow Cult Favorite Hairspray.

Want to see it in action? Check out this video:

From Los Angeles to New York, and London to Paris, Chris is known for his work as a world-renowned conceptual hair stylist, highly sought after by some of the biggest names in music, entertainment, fashion, and advertising.

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