We love girls with curls.

At Color Wow, we’ve got some fresh thinking on modern curl care.

You already know that “co-washes/no-poos” are loaded with conditioning ingredients, but did you know that these do not easily rinse off which can lead to product build up? The residues that are left behind on the scalp create product buildup in hair and other unhealthy scalp conditions over time and this can lead to hair loss. These ingredients also dull and weigh down hair. Ultimately curly hair product build up can become a huge problem, especially if you’re not properly cleaning your scalp and hair regularly.

At Color Wow, we believe that your shampoo should be simple, clean and residue-free because it is the only product that gets massaged into your scalp. It should not moisturize, defrizz, hydrate, etc., because that would require ingredients to stick and stay behind. If you want to moisturize or defrizz, it’s much healthier to do that with conditioners and styling products because those don’t get massaged into your scalp. Makes total sense, right?

After cleansing and conditioning, we typically tend to use two or three styling products. But often times those products can leave our hair feeling hard or sticky instead of soft and touchable. Plus layering all of those gels, creams, and conditioning products can also make the hair look dull and drag curls down.

Thankfully, there’s brand new technology that combines the effects of all those products into one - the award-winning Color Wow Dream Coat for Curly Hair! This one-and-done weightless styling spray does all the curl work in one application - hydrates, holds pattern, restores bounce, tames frizz, and adds shine!

We know this is hard to believe, but just watch celeb stylist Chris Appleton set @kimdollxo’s curls free!



Chris Appleton’s gentle new twist on curl styling

Amazing right? If you want to re-create the look at home here’s everything you need to know:

Step 1: Start 100% clean - use a shampoo that leaves no product buildup in hair.

Chris tells it like it is: “Curly girls have been taught that they need shampoos that are extremely nourishing and extremely hydrating just because their hair tends to be dry – which is having a huge impact on hair density AND curl pattern.” He explains: when you use shampoos that leave ingredients behind (like no poo’s, conditioning shampoos) you get product build up that blocks hair follicles so hair can’t grow through, causing hair thinning and even loss.

Potential hair loss from shampoos that leave residues is a real problem for everyone. But what does hair build up look like for curly girls? “Product buildup weighs curls down, which has a HUGE impact on curl pattern and overall bounce, which is one of the most beautiful things about curls.”

What’s the answer to both these problems? Color Wow Color Security Shampoo. It has no stay-behind conditioning agents, oils, silicones, parabens – nothing that sticks to your hair or scalp. For Chris, it’s the essential step in curl care because “it’s 100% clean, has no extra ingredients, cleans the hair, cleans the scalp, leaves nothing behind.”

Step 2: Style (get curl control!) with a one-and-done weightless wonder

How many products do you use to achieve the curl results you want? Chris’s model Kim uses “2-3, depending on how my hair feels.” Chris eliminates the need for multi-layers of curl products (for moisture, for definition, for de-frizzing, etc) by using Color Wow Dream Coat for Curly Hair. Just spray liberally on damp hair, completely saturating. Dream Coat for Curly Hair does all the curl work in one step, “Gives you hydration, control, a soft finish but with a definite hold. And, it gives a nice shine!”

Here’s Chris’ take-way when you sub in Dream Coat for Curly Hair for all your heavy-duty curl control formulas, “Curly hair does need hold and it does need formation – but it should also feel soft and sexy, doesn’t need to feel stiff. Just ‘cause you’ve got curly hair you don’t need to make it hard like a rock to make it beautiful. You just need to use the right product to get the results you want.”

Step 3: Time to twist

When hair is completely saturated with Dream Coat for Curly Hair, use your fingers to create spiral twists to give curls definition and direction. Taking some time to do this will give you sweet, sexy ringlets.

Step 4: Blow in the bounce (use a diffuser)

The key here is tilting your head forward then blow drying using a diffuser to cup and lift curls, blow drying upwards from underneath. Flipping your head forward ensures roots dry away from the scalp, which is the secret to volume and bounce. When the hair is about 90% dry with the head flipped forward, flip it back and finish drying. Flipping back and forth when drying gives all over volume and bounce plus keeps the curl pattern, without frizzing.

Step 5: Add an Extra measure of healthy shine

Chris adds a sparkling finish, and makes highlights pop with Color Wow Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray.

The result? Healthy, beautiful, bouncy (frizz-free!) curls that will last for days!

From Los Angeles to New York, and London to Paris, Chris is known for his work as a world-renowned conceptual hair stylist, highly sought after by some of the biggest names in music, entertainment, fashion, and advertising.

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