About to cry because your hair’s so dry??

If you’re struggling with lifeless, brittle, parched hair…we feel your pain, and know the hair-fails that can bring you to tears: Dull, matte surface. Rough, raised cuticle. Puffiness and frizz. Zip-zero elasticity. Hair that has a mind of its own and defies your every effort to tame it, shape it or style it.

It is true: Dry, dehydrated hair just might be the most annoying hair concern of all time. In fact, at Color Wow, we view it as the grand-daddy of ALL hair problems, because it’s related to virtually every other major hair concern.

So in our mission to fix your toughest hair traumas, “dry hair” ranks very high on our radar! We’ve got some powerful new products and protocols to hydrate and turn your straw-like strands to silk, like never before!

Wondering “what is making my hair so dehydrated and dry” in the first place?

Well, there really are four fundamental reasons you’re stuck grappling with dry, unresponsive, lifeless texture:

1) You were born that way. Yep, through luck of the draw, your skin produces less natural oil than other people, so there’s less natural moisture to slide down your hair shaft and keep it sheathed in a natural layer of lubricating lipids. The longer or curlier your hair, the less oil there is to coat your hair from roots to ends.

At Color Wow, we have answers to help you change the hair you were born with!


2) Your hair could be dehydrated because it’s been colored, or chemically treated in some way. (Straightened, permed, etc.) The strong chemicals that are used to break open your cuticle layer (in order to go inside and re-configure the shape of your strands, or inject pigment to change your color) never leave your hair quite intact. Once your cuticles have been raised, they’re resistant to closing. These raised cuticles on the surface of your hair is how, and where, critical moisture leaches out. Needless to say, pretty much everyone with color-treated hair has to deal with dry texture.

At Color Wow, dealing with problems related to hair color is our jam! So of course, we’ve got you covered with options to re-moisturize your hair.

3) Harsh products could be the reason for your dry hair. There are plenty of them out there: shampoos with sulfates (or even chelating agents) that strip away dirt and debris, but grab your hair’s essential moisture at the same time. Or, styling products that contain alcohol. These big-time moisture robbers use alcohol to deliver styling ingredients onto your hair (usually they’re sprays), then evaporate, leaving styling ingredients behind. But when they evaporate, your hair’s natural hydrators (oils and moisture) evaporate along with them.

4) One of the main reasons for dehydrated hair: You have (innocently, unknowingly!) blown away your hair’s moisture. Yes, we’re talking basic blow-drying and high temps, and how simple everyday heat styling habits add up to major moisture evaporation. Bad enough if your hair is perfectly healthy! But if your hair is naturally dry or dehydrated from chemicals, blow-drying is double trouble.

What’s the best way to blow-dry dehydrated hair?

In our Color Wow Lab, we figured out how to flip the switch on “blow-dry styling” with our Dream Cocktails! Coconut-Infused Dream Cocktail is a leave-in treatment that lets you turn daily blow-drying from a hair stressing session into an intense re-hydrating treatment. Thanks to the heat of your blow-dryer, potent vital nutrients (like coconut oil) are activated to smooth, silken and give even the driest, over-processed hair. Made with 18-MEA, Coconut-Infused Dream Cocktail creates a natural sheath of lubricating lipids on hair’s surface, which mimics the natural oils you’ve lost (or wish you were born with!)

Next time you blow-dry, see how Coconut-Infused Dream Cocktail is the key to perfectly hydrated, silky glossy hair.


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