It seems like it takes a lot of effort to get ‘natural’ looking hair, right? Wrong. We sat down with Chris Appleton who showed us how easy it is to create cool, modern undone wavy hairstyles. He showed us exactly how to make the most of natural curls and how to tame frizzy wavy hair in a few simple steps.


Celeb stylist Chris Appleton might be best known for his glossy, sleek, glass hair looks. But sexy, undone natural waves are also hot on his hair trend radar. Chris tells us “wispy natural broken up waves are THE look of the minute!”

To be clear: this is NOT a look for hair that’s naturally stick straight. Because the key to achieving this look is working with natural wave and curl texture. You could try to create this look with a curling iron, but you’ll probably end up with a headful of unnaturally uniform curls and waves.

And this look is much more broken up, fresh and undone. Not to mention that working with an iron can be super time consuming (unless of course, you’ve learned a few key hair hacks to help you curl long hair quickly).

Creating a wispy wave look is all about optimizing the natural texture that you have. According to Chris, “this is a good look for people who have some texture and don’t know how to enhance it….AND also for girls with waves and curls who don’t know how to manage their hair and get best results.”

Whatever camp you’re in: “underperforming” texture with waves that are lank and limp, or a tighter curl pattern that’s dry, frizzy and hard to control, this style will give your hair celebrity-caliber cache in minutes. It’s that easy!


1. Dream Coat For Curly Hair

Your solution for frizz-free, crunch-free curls, this anti-humidity spray combines the benefits of gels + serums + creams without crunchiness, greasiness or weight. 

2. One Minute Transformation

This on-the-spot anti-frizz cream smooths, tames and de-frizzes instantly with Avocado and Omega 3’s.

STEP 1: Apply Dream Coat For Curly Hair

Apply the product to damp hair. Every strand of hair needs the same treatment, so you want to mist it through from the root, all the way down to mid-lengths and ends. You can take the hair in rough sections, they don’t need to be perfect, so long as every strand is saturated.

A master of product application, Chris says “Push it into hair as you go along”. Basically, you want to give the hair slight squeezes as you’re applying spray to help absorption. Plus, gently scrunching the hair while it's wet will encourage the natural texture to come out encourage waves and curls to form.

Product application is our first step towards understanding how to manage wavy frizzy hair.

STEP 2: Take note of how you blow dry

You can air dry if you have the time, but blow-drying with a diffuser will speed up your results and allow you to help boost bounce and curve in your curls.

Now when it comes to learning how to diffuse your hair there are a few key things to know. First, what makes a diffuser special? The way it distributes air so it doesn’t blast curls apart into chaotic frizz.

A diffuser literally makes the air coming out of the dryer less intense. The airflow is less concentrated so when it hits your hair there’s less disturbance and you end up with less frizz, which is great - no one wants frizzy hair after all.

Chris recommends using “high heat” and “high blow” settings.

Second thing to know is how to actually use the diffuser. You want to angle the nozzle to cup the ends of your hair, so that as you push the dryer up, your curls will be scrunched and defined beautifully….but very soft and naturally as they dry.

Take a look at our guide to faster blowouts, featuring Color Wow Speed Dry Spray, for more information on perfecting your blow-dry routine.

It’s so simple! Watch Chris create this wavy hairstyle:

STEP 3: Tame any flyaways with One Minute Transformation

Apply a small amount of One Minute Transformation to frizzy, unruly areas on dry hair and then brush through with a flat brush. Find out how to use the product like a pro with our guide.


Read more about fighting frizz on the Color Wow blog:

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