Here's How to Stop Frizzy Hair for Good in 2024

Maybe it’s the humidity in the air. Or perhaps your strands are just extra dry. Whatever the case, we’ve all been there. “My hair is frizzy!” seems to be the universal cry of women everywhere.

Luckily, there are solutions for treating frizzy hair. Our Color Wow team has been analyzing and fighting frizzy hair with scientifically advanced formulas for over 30 years!

Color Wow founder and CEO, Gail Federici, has dedicated her life to solving the “frizzy hair” problem.

dr joe cincotta and gail federici, ceo of color wow

Today we’re showing you how to stop frizzy hair for good. Read on for tricks to help you fight frizz in a flash, and visit our guide to the different frizz types to find out which one you might be experiencing. 


This morning your hair looked sleek, fresh, and fabulous but somehow things took a turn. Fear not, you can fight frizzy hair on the spot with one product: One-Minute Transformation.

Moisture-rich styling creams are great for keeping hair hydrated, but most are used on wet hair. If your dry hair has frizzed-out sections these products can leave hair looking greasy.

color wow one minute transformationBut One-Minute Transformation is actually designed to be used on dry hair. Its light, super-absorbent formula contains emollient ingredients like avocado oil, perfect for fighting frizz.

If you’re in a hurry, just pull a bit of One-Minute Transformation through your hair and brush it through. It absorbs on contact and voila! No more frizz.


color wow pop and lockThrowing your second-day hair up in a bun or a ponytail? Prevent frizzy hair and keep your style looking sleek with Pop & Lock. This super shine product is an oil-serum hybrid.

It combines the best of both worlds and gives your day-old hair a dash of hydration (like any good oil) but then locks in that moisture (like a serum), preventing any outside forces (*humidity*) from wrecking your style.

Its biggest benefit? It doesn’t contain any heavy ingredients that can weigh your hair down and make it look greasy. The formula is lighter than most, so it doesn’t build up. Find out how to use Pop & Lock for shiny, silky-smooth hair.

Visit our full guide to taming flyaways with celeb stylist Chris Appleton for more inspiration.



  • Frizz prevention starts with your washday habits! To prevent those flyaways as best as possible, try showering with cooler water as this will help prevent your hair’s cuticle from opening which can lead to frizz.

  • Also, use a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt when drying your hair instead of harsher terrycloth towels which can tear your hair. Microfiber towels or t-shirts will help wick away any moisture without causing any damage.

  • Next, if you’re planning on using heat stylers, make sure you’ve applied heat protectant products beforehand to avoid ending up with brittle, dehydrated hair. Visit our guide on how to avoid heat-damaged hair without giving up on your hot tools for more information.


The biggest culprit when it comes to frizzy hair? Humidity. But believe it or not, there’s actually a groundbreaking styling product technology that finally gives you a long-lasting fix for frizzy hair.

#1 Dream Coat

Traditional frizz-fighting products use tons of silicones to banish moisture. Sometimes they work, but because they are heavy, build up on the surface of the hair, and don’t absorb, they can end up weighing down strands (like the serum products we talked about earlier). Enter: Dream Coat.

This light-as-water spray formula completely transforms your hair texture and adds glossy shine while creating an invisible barrier around your hair. You saturate your hair with it (we promise, it’s super light. You will not end up looking greasy).

Then, activate the formula with tension and heat (aka use a blow-dryer and a round brush).

That process creates a barrier for your hair that acts like a raincoat. Your hair not only looks sleek, shiny, and healthy, but it’s totally protected and moisture resistant! 

Dream Coat does contain silicone but it is water soluable so it rinses off and will not dry out your hair. Once you finish styling, water literally rolls off your hair and the effect can last for days.

#2 Dream Coat for Curly Hair

If you prefer to wear your hair curly, you know the humidity struggle better than most. Luckily Dream Coat for Curly Hair exists. This formula is also super-light and helps add shine while fighting frizz.

See it in action here:

#3 Extra Strength Dream Coat

If your locks are dehydrated, dry and curly or coily, the latest addition to our anti-humidity range, Extra Strength Dream Coat may be the frizz-fighting saviour you need.

This powerful, ultra-moisturising, anti-frizz treatment keeps dry, curly hair looking glassy-smooth, straight and frizz resistant through 3-4 shampoos. Not sure which Dream Coat product is right for you? Check out our product finder tool.

#4 Money Mist

Another one of our frizz fighters is Money Mist - a luxurious, lightweight leave-in conditioning spray that gives you 82% less frizz in just one use, and leaves your hair looking glossy and expensive.

Spray evenly on clean, damp hair before styling as usual. Read more about the science behind the product here.

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