Flat, limp no volume hair bringing you down?

Those of us cursed with fine hair know the feeling, and only too well. Hair that can’t hold a style and collapses flat, with no volume at roots, just like that, is super frustrating. Having hair that lays flat on your crown can literally drag down your whole face, making you look older and can dim your light.

So (sorry for the bad pun) but we totally get the GRAVITY of the situation.

What’s our advice for anyone suffering from chronically flat hair? We say, it’s time for some serious THAIRapy, Color Wow style. Styling flat hair doesn’t have to be hard.

Read on for all the ways we’re here to support you and your style. (Literally!)

1. Ingredients to avoid in shampoo: “residue free” is key to give fine hair fullness and volume

Fine hair doesn’t need one iota of extra weight to bear. So we’ve got a 2-step clean routine that lifts off minerals, debris, and buildup. Plus, leaves zip zero behind to bring your hair down.

First, Color Wow Dream Filter spray lifts away minerals (from water sources) that can build up over time and leave fine hair flat as a pancake. Second, our Color Wow “no-residue” shampoo gets your hair and scalp 100% clean and fresh. It’s a unique, sulfate-free formula made without any typical ingredients that leave filmy agents on your hair that can weigh it down.

(Did you know? Shampoos that promise to thicken your hair are made with heavy-duty ingredients that cling to your hair, making it look dull and causing it to fall flat. You can learn all about it here.)

2. Wondering should I use conditioner on fine hair?

Yesssss! But the right one is a superlight one. Like Color Wow Color Security Conditioner, formulated for fine to normal hair. It’s a perfect detangler for knot-prone fine hair, plus it provides the essential hydration fine hair needs to stay strong, elastic, and resilient.

3. Styling fine hair? Go for guilt-free carb-loading! That’s the secret to plump up and thicken fine hair

If your strands have the texture of delicate, silky threads that hang straight and limp, what you need to do is bulk up! Our chemist Dr. Joe, created Color Wow Carb-Infused Cocktail that literally fattens up each strand! Carbs with no guilt! It’s activated by the heat of your hair dryer and bonds an invisible, weightless carb-based complex to each hair strand, making hair thicker and plumper instantly.

4. The ultimate uplifting tip for styling fine hair and getting major long-lasting lift and volume is…

Start at the roots. Color Wow Raise the Root Thicken and Lift Spray acts like a powerful, lifting spring. Tilt your head, direct the spray at the roots, then hit with blow dry heat. Voilá! Just the lift you’ve been looking for... and it lasts all day!