Q&A: How to Use Color Wow Dream Cocktails like a Pro

Do you ever wish you could just snap your fingers and “POOF!” – buh bye annoying hair probs, hello hair goals??

Well, you’re in luck! Because that’s exactly what our Dream Cocktails do! Each of our three formulas are designed to laser-focus on a specific hair problem commonly suffered by women:

1. Carb Cocktail solves fine, flat, thin, limp hair
2. Coconut Cocktail solves dull, dry, dehydrated, straw-like hair
3. Kale Cocktail solves fragile, damaged, broken, fried hair

Chock-full of super rich, super powerful ingredients, each of these prescriptive problem-solvers not only help banish your worst hair problems in a single blow dry, but continue to improve the condition of your hair with every use.

Which is why it drives us crazy to know not everyone uses a Cocktail when they blow out their hair!

So because we’re obsessed with your hair and keeping it as healthy-looking as possible, we decided it was time to do a deep dive on all things Cocktails. Find out everything you need to know – including why it makes no sense to blow dry without one – below. Cheers!

What do the Dream Cocktails do?

before and after using color wow dream cocktailsColor Wow Cocktails are leave-in treatments designed to instantly solve your most common and frustrating hair probs in a single blow dry. Massive results, zero effort!

They start working the moment blow dryer heat hits your hair, instantly strengthening strands, adding thickness or restoring silky suppleness.

Plus, packed with powerful heat protectants, they also protect against the side effects of heat styling – from colour fade to dehydration – for your healthiest-looking hair always.

What are the different types of Cocktails?

color wow kale cocktail1. Kale Cocktail

Leave-in strengthening treatment helps fortify hair’s internal sulphur bonds. Clinically-proven to deliver 50% less breakage after just one use!

color wow coconut cocktail2. Coconut Cocktail

Leave-in hydrating treatment bonds a healthy layer of hydration to hair’s surface to silken and restore suppleness.

color wow carb cocktail3. Carb Cocktail

Leave-in thickening treatment bonds a weightless carb-based complex to the surface of hair to instantly add mass and help create voluminous hair. 

Find your hair concern(s) in the chart to reveal your perfect Cocktail match.

color wow dream cocktails chart

How do I use the Cocktails?

After shampooing and conditioning, towel-dry hair lightly. Shake bottle well, then dispense one to three pumps through hair, starting one inch below part and through to ends. Do not rinse. Blow dry or diffuse to activate.

Do I need to use heat or can I air dry?

You must use a blow dryer heat to activate our Cocktails. The only exception is Coconut Cocktail, which can be left to air dry in the sun (perfect for beach days!).

Do the Cocktails have heat protection?

Yes! Like most Color Wow products, our Cocktails protect against heat damage. Take a look at the rest of our heat protectants range here.

Can I use a Cocktail every time I blow dry?

Yes and you should! In addition to giving you instantly healthier-looking results, our Cocktails continue to improve the condition of your hair with every use.

Can you use more than one Cocktail at a time?

You can use more than one Cocktail at a time, but they must be layered, not mixed. Always start with Kale Cocktail, as this one works inside the hair to repair sulphur bonds. Follow with either Carb or Coconut, which work on the surface of hair.

Can you use all three together?

We do not recommend using all three Cocktails at once. You can use Kale and Carb together for thicker, stronger hair, or Kale and Coconut together for silkier, stronger hair.

Carb and Coconut, however, should not be used together as their thickening and smoothing technologies (respectively) counteract one another.

Can you use Dream Coat and the Cocktails together?

Yes! First apply your Cocktail(s), then follow with Dream Coat.

Are they only meant for colour-treated hair?

Nope! Anyone can benefit from our Cocktails, colour-treated or not!

Are they safe for keratin-treated hair and extensions?

Yes, all our Cocktails are sulfate-free, making them safe and gentle enough for keratin-treated hair, brazilian blowouts and even extensions.


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