Celeb Stylist Chris Appleton and Foodie/Lifestyle influencer Shayna Taylor trade their fave healthy tips and tidbits.

Are you mindful of what you put IN your body and what you put ON your body? We are, for sure. In fact, we’re totally obsessed with using the best “good-for-you” ingredients – whether it's at-home meal prep or working with our Color Wow chemists to develop healthy, new problem-solving hair products.

You know who else obsesses about “good for you” ingredients? Celeb stylist Chris Appleton (check out his “Apple a Day” Instagram Live) and popular lifestyle influencer Shayna Taylor (@shaynateresetaylor). Both of them are 100% committed to living their healthiest lives possible, in every possible way….and, to helping all of us do the same!

So, we brought them together to share their quick, healthy treats – his, brush-able..hers, nosh-able. Guess what happens when you mix a health-obsessed stylist with a health-obsessed foodie? You end up with some very tasty tidbits of info and some very healthy recipes for success!


Chris + Shayna’s Healthy Tidbits

Got the inspo, want the info? Here’s the DIY

Shayna serves up super easy, super healthy


Shayna’s all about combining farm fresh naturals in creative combos. Her recipes are casual, forgiving and foolproof. We love her super chill philosophy: “You actually want to be less afraid, more creative. And things always end up tasting so much better especially when you’re using natural ingredients.” Here’s the deets on her yummy beets, which BTW are a delicious way to help you detox.

Roast beets on a baking sheet, covered in foil with garlic, olive oil, orange juice and orange zest. Let beets cool, then cut into bite-sized slices and chunks. Whisk goat cheese with chives, parsley, dill and tarragon until fluffy. Spread goat cheese mixture on a plate, and top with beet chunks. Strew with fresh sprouts. Drizzle with dressing made from leftover juice from baking sheet, plus a little olive oil + lemon.


Chris serves up healthy, glossy,


Shayna loves to have her hair styled and looking healthy, gorgeous and glowing. But personally, she hates to spend time on it. Chris has the secret recipe to getting amazing results with little effort. Like he says…“When you use good products made with good ingredients, you can take shortcuts.”

An important break-away convo on shampoo ingredients and safety

Shayna’s AHA! moment: in her wellness research she learned that “even organic shampoos made with natural oils are damaging for your hair.” The heavy oils don’t rinse off, and can clog your scalp. Yeah…it’s a common misunderstanding Chris clears up: organic shampoos don’t really clean the hair. “The important thing people need to know….you need to remove the excess stuff off the scalp, and not leave anything behind, so the hair follicles can grow through.” Chris shares his go-to: Color Wow Shampoo “It’s cleaning the hair, cleaning the scalp but it doesn’t leave anything behind, and that’s what makes it different from everything out there.”

Here’s how he takes Shayna’s “free-range” hair to chic, flouncy and sparkly!

1. Create smooth, silky, blow-dried perfect texture in minutes (without shampooing!)

The secret to this quick trick? Color Wow One-Minute Transformation styling cream, which Chris rubs in his hands then pulls through Shayna’s dry hair. Made with Avocado Oil and Omega-3’s, it literally “melts” in, creating instantly smooth, silky strands….really hydrated, but never greasy or flat. (“It’s not full of silicones or anything nasty.”) To get a perfectly polished, just-from-the-salon blow dry look, he quickly blow-dries the surface layer. “This is the perfect product for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time on their hair, but want to instantly transform the texture. It eliminates frizz, it’s super conditioning. You don’t have to wet the hair or shampoo, and it gives you the perfect foundation of really, really smooth hair.”

2. “Get the front looking pretty around the face”

One-Minute Transformation is the key to Chris’s face-framing flounce, which levels up the whole style and opens up Shayna’s face. He pulls a little cream through front sections, pulls them forward, then rolls them BACK on a round brush, and hits it with blow-dryer heat. “When you get a bit of volume in the front… even if the rest of your hair is super gives you that nice, bouncy sexy feel…so if you love to, you can flip it!”

3. A bit more texture and hold…instantly

Chris gives Shayna’s hair guts, grit and hold with Color Wow Style on Steroids by spraying section by section. This creates instant sexy texture and bouncy volume.


4. Add Extra sparkle

A final blast of Color Wow Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray is “great on blonde hair, makes it more reflective”. This flower-powered shine spray features Mullein, a natural flower known for grabbing invisible UV rays and turning them into visible light. Makes Shayna’s hair sparkle with healthy shine!