1. We've Taken OVer TikTok

Color Wow is all over TikTok, and the numbers show why we are WOW:

- #colorwow + #colorwowhair = 54,000,000 views

- #dreamcoat + #colorwowdreamcoat = 43,000,000 views

- #colorwowdreamcoat = 9,600,000 views

- #colorwowreview = 728,000 views

2. It's what we don't add to our products that makes them special

We've identified over 60 ingredients that can darken or distort your colour. These ingredients are commonly found in haircare and styling products, but you will NEVER find them in a Color Wow product. Some of our banned ingredients include: Citrus; Essential Oils & Extracts, Sulphates, Oxidising Agents and Dyes.

3. Our products are loved by stylists all around the world

Our products may be used by celebrity stylists such as Chris Appleton, Dom Seeley and Carl Bembridge, but they are also used in salons all around the world to help create the perfect look again, and again, and again...

4. The range has been designed for all hair types

Straight or curly. Blonde or brunnette. Frizzy or flat. Within our range you'll find something for every hair type, concern and colour. We might be COLOR WOW, but our products work on all hair, coloured or not.

5. We make what your hair needs and nothing else

We understand hair, and that means we understand that your hair needs quality not quantity when it comes to products. Our range is small becuase we are confident that every product does its job better than it's competitors. Don't believe us? Try them now...