YOU LOVE YOUR SUNSHINY BLONDE HAIR COLOR AND SUMMERY BRIGHT HIGHLIGHTS. So when something throws shade on your precious blonde shade, it’s really, really annoying.

We get it. Who wants to see that sunshiny color go dark and cloudy?

What could be worse than watching your highlights go dim? Your shiny gold turn dull? Your pristine platinum take on wonky tinges of yellow, orange, or green?

It’s a fact: fair hair has more than its fair share of problems. Blonde hair tends to be more fragile, needs more upkeep and costs more to maintain.

Now, if you’re like us, and super vested in your blonde hair, you make it your mission to keep the color fresh and bright. You take special measures, like using Color Wow Shampoo that leaves no dulling residues, and Color Wow styling products that have no ingredients that will distort your color.

But what if, regardless of these precautions, your blonde keeps warping?

And you wonder…..What is making my blonde hair change color? Why am I seeing orange, brown, green tones in my hair? How come my highlights get dull and fade so quickly?

Surprisingly, the source of your off-color blonde could be right on tap in your house.


That’s right: seemingly clear, benign and gentle, water carries a multitude of metals and minerals that mess with your hair color. And, the effects are most noticeable on blonde, grey and all paler hair colors.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got well water, city water or spring water- any water that flows through pipes into your shower picks up environmental elements like copper, iron and manganese. If you’re like 85% of the US population, you’ve got “hard water”, which is loaded with calcium and magnesium.

What do minerals do to your hair color? You can read the deets here. But know this: mineral build up on your hair is linked to many problems, including color fading, brassiness, dingy and muddied hues, coarse rigid hair and even poor results when your colorist updates and freshens your color.

Most people don’t think twice about the water they use to shampoo their hair. But at Color Wow, we realized your blonde can never be its lightest and brightest if there are minerals interacting with the color. And these minerals are in everybody’s water.

That’s why we developed Dream Filter Pre-Shampoo Mineral Remover. It works like a magnet in under 3 minutes to lift off water-born color corrupters, and reveal picture perfect, first-day-fresh color.

Instyle editor Victoria Moorhouse put Dream Filter to the test and here’s what she had to say: (you can read her full post here Color Wow’s New Dream Filter Saved My Blonde Hair from Shower Water).

“I’m aware that hard water can darken or warp your hair color. I also know the minerals and metals in this water can build up on your hair, making it feel stiff and rough and look pretty dull. But, up until a few days ago, these facts have never really meant anything to me because I don’t think I had ever experienced the opposite! (After using Dream Filter) I was astonished by how weightless my hair felt. It was clean without being squeaky, stripped, or dry. It felt like a coating that had been on my hair for 27+ years had been removed. My hair was silky! This treatment … brightened up my lighter blonde highlights. It looked like I had just left the salon with a gloss!”

Check out our range of products for blonde hair now. 

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