We want to “rays” awareness of the sun’s effect on your hair…
Color-treated hair needs an extra measure of TLC in the summer. Whether you’re seriously beachin’ it or simply out and about, UV rays are hitting on your hair: zapping color, sucking moisture, frying and frazzling texture.

Summer heat makes your scalp sweaty and ramps up oil production. This can cause irritation, clog follicles, even cause hair loss! The key is to keep your scalp clean and residue free. DO NOT LOAD UP AND SMOTHER YOUR SCALP WITH DRY SHAMPOO!! DO use a gentle sulfate-free formula like Color Wow Color Security Shampoo so you can shampoo as often as you need to without fear of color fade. Even more importantly, Color Wow Color Security Shampoo is uniquely formulated without any “stay behind” ingredients found in most shampoos (like silicones, oils, conditioning agents, thickening agents) so your hair and scalp are truly clean, fresh and free to thrive!

UVA and UVB rays break down hair fibers so color molecules leach out, fast and furious. (BTW, protein and moisture too!) Sun’s radiation also changes color values, taking away “cool” tones and firing up reds and yellows, which turns your hair brash and brassy. How to lock color and block UV? Color Wow Pop + Lock, formulated with UV filters, locks down cuticles with a high-gloss top coat, trapping and holding color. The result? Color that pops, mirror-like reflection, and UV protection.


It’s a blinding glimpse of the obvious on blindingly sunny days… but ditto on overcast days, when UV rays still blast your hair. We love broad-brimmed straw styles that cover your hair, with the bonus benefit sun protection for your face too!

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