KKW debuted the new bob haircut on Insta - and we went crazy! Her personal stylist, Chris Appleton, created the daring shorter hairstyle that’s all about dreamy, super glossy, expensive-looking texture with “swish”!

It’s one of his freshest short hairstyles and today he’s breaking down the “glass hair look” that makes this bob so new and explains how to make the look work for different hair textures and face shapes.
Background on the Short Bob Haircut
The short bob cut has been around since the 1920’s, when liberated flappers lopped off their Victorian tresses and freed their hair from dainty, demure, school-marmy updos.

In many ways, the bob haircut is the essence of feminist freedom. It was a modern freedom of expression, so these days it’s no wonder that it’s making a sexy, fresh comeback.

It’s a Blunt Bob Haircut
To be perfectly blunt, Chris’ take on the short haircut is perfectly blunt.
With his new interpretation of this short hairstyle there are no choppy ends, no soft layers, no broken up bits. It’s just a gorgeous, sharp perfectly linear edge.

It’s a Short Haircut
The bob haircut is shorter than the lobs we’ve been seeing everywhere. But it still maintains a bit of length - so it’s not cutesy little girl short as Gwyneth Paltrow’s Margot in the Royal Tenenbaums.

This Bob Cut is All About Sleek Hair
When styling the Dream Bob it’s important to keep it super flat and sleek on top. There’s absolutely no lift, puff or volume in the crown – this bob is a head-hugger.Why opt for sleek-hair? A pouffy rounded crown can turn the look into the dreaded “Mom-bob,” which is anything but polished.The only added flourish with this style is the ends - which bend under ever so slightly. The feminine flourish keeps the style from being too harsh and angular.

This Short Haircut Has No Layers
This bob haircut gets its sleek hair look because the focus is on keeping all of the hair at one length. To get the look, a stylist really focuses on precision scissor cutting.(Somewhere Vidal Sassoon is smiling down from hairdresser heaven.)

The Dream Bob Haircut has a Sexy Swish
This short hairstyle is fresh, fierce, and free. What makes it most fun is the light swing.Want to know how to get that sleek hair finish that still has movement? Read on for tips on how to style your bob haircut.

How to Create the Dream Bob Short Hairstyle

The Dream Bob has a flawless, glossy, glassy finish. Two critical hair products are essential to make this Dream Bob come true!

1. Color Wow Shampoo: You need this sulfate-free cleanser because it leaves the hair totally fresh and clean. It doesn’t contain any ingredients like silicones, pearlizing agents, oils, conditioners, or thickening agents, that cling to the hair and weigh it down or make it dull. If you want sleek hair that has a lot of movement you can’t afford to have it weighed down!


2. Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray: The ultimate key to sleek hair is this light as water spray. It transforms your texture into silky swishy sleek hair strands and doesn’t weigh them down. The styling secret you need to know? Be sure to blow dry your hair straight with tension, this helps Dream Coat lock in your sleek hair style.

So now you’re lusting after this look, and you’re thinking - I need to find a stylist!
Well to start, you can find a precision hair cutter with our salon locator right here.
But before you run off, be sure to check out these tips from Chris Appleton on how to adjust a bob haircut for your face shape.

“Oval Face Shapes: The Dream Bob looks best on an oval face, but it can be modified a bit for other face shapes.
Heart Face Shapes: A heart-shaped face might look best with the bob haircut a bit shorter.
Round Face Shapes: A round shape face might want the short bob to go a bit longer.
Square Face Shapes: A square shaped face can go a little shorter or a little longer with a bob haircut – the key with this face shape is to not have the ends equal with the jaw line which will look harsh.”


According to Chris, “The Dream Bob haircut works on any hair texture. Hair with waves and natural curls will not have the same glassy shine because the curls do not reflect light the way smooth hair does. But the all-one length is flattering on everyone. It’s sexy, fun, classic.”
Ready to take on an iconic style that’s so fresh, sexy and irresistible? Find a salon and book a Dream Bob haircut appointment today.

From Los Angeles to New York, and London to Paris, Chris is known for his work as a world-renowned conceptual hair stylist, highly sought after by some of the biggest names in music, entertainment, fashion, and advertising.

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