We’re not gonna downplay it: Our relationship with our hair is everything. It’s a HUGE part of our identity. It only takes one bad haircut, one dye job gone very wrong, or even just an “off” hair day to cause our confidence to tank. So when it comes to dealing with thinning hair… Lawd have mercy.

While dealing with thinning hair (or even gaps in hair) can be super scary at first, it’s not the end of good hair days for you! Millions of women deal with thinning hair or will in their lifetime, but there are many ways to deal with it from hair loss treatments to styling tricks and tips. The key is to find a solution that works for YOU and your hair.

So for some major inspo, today we’re sharing our friend Ruhila Jalil’s (@blush_allure) story. After a lot of trial and error, Ruhila has found that sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution. For her, that was Root Cover Up. And, honestly, her before and after will blow your mind.

WATCH: This transformation on thinning hair will blow your mind

Ruhila’s story

Ruhila has had fine hairs all her life. But as she grew up she began to notice a pattern: She was losing more and more hair. “Dealing with thinning hair is so stressful,” Ruhila says. “I remember back in 2018 I took a picture on my phone of my scalp from up top and sat there crying at it, thinking woah is this stress or is this just the way it’s going to be?”

What was once acceptance of her thin hair as a child turned into anxiety over hair loss. She started looking for ways to cover gaps in hair and her scalp after a particularly memorable moment while riding public transportation one day: “I felt a sudden embarrassment from nowhere thinking OMG can the people behind me see my scalp? What must they think?... to the point I used to either sit at the back or on the highest seat,” Ruhila says.

Over the years, she’s tried all different kinds of hair thinning solutions to no avail, including hair toppers, hair fibers, oils, serums, and micro-needling. “You name it, I’ve tried it,” Ruhila says.

It wasn’t until she stumbled upon Color Wow Root Cover Up at 19 years old that she finally found success. Having tried root touch ups before, she was familiar with the typical disappointments: messy application, looks unnatural, flakes onto your face, smudges and fades throughout the day. But with Root Cover Up, she didn’t experience any of that.


“This will stay in your hair until your next wash,” Ruhila says. “What I love about it is it’s transfer-proof. It will not flake off and then fall onto your face like general sprays do. No matter what I use, I always go back to this because it is really nice and undetectable… There’s nothing wrong with using it on your scalp. I find that this looks the most natural to everything else.”


There’s a reason our Root Cover Up is a 7X Allure “Best of Beauty” winner and why it’s the ideal solution for styling thinning hair. Not only does it fill in hairlines and gaps, but it also looks natural (reflective mineral powder mimics hair’s reflective qualities), it doesn’t feel stiff or sticky like a spray, there are no chemicals or dyes, it’s mess-free, there are eight shades to choose from, it’s water-proof (yes, you can swim in it!), and it won’t smudge, fade or disappear until you shampoo it out. So you can always feel confident that your hair’s looking its best all day long.

Today, with the help of Root Cover Up, wigs, and hair pieces, Ruhila has come to accept her hair and has mastered creating a thicker, fuller appearance. For real, though, check out her Insta feed (@blush_allure) – you would never guess the confident, glowing, gorgeous woman in each photo was ever struggling with thinning hair!


Hair loss in women is not talked about as much as it should be. But in reality, millions of women deal with thinning hair every day. In the U.S. alone, 40% of people who experience hair loss are women. If you want more info on the causes of hair thinning in women and the solutions available, check out this blog.

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